Ticketing Professionals 2019 will take place on 21st and 22nd March 2019 at the ICC in Birmingham and you could be there free – courtesy of Vorb.


Registration will open on 1st July 2018. You can be the first person to secure their registration with our Vorb Video competition.


Vorb is a cool new way to extend audience reach. Vorb connects videos from you and your fans by wrapping them together around an interactive globe for sharing over social media, projecting at events, and embedding in websites.


We want to create a Vorb of attendees at #TPC2018 – to show the range of people, roles and locations that are represented at Ticketing Professionals.


All you need to do is record a video of yourself on your mobile phone, giving your name, your role and which organisation you work for.


Simply then upload directly to Twitter using the hashtag #TPC2018 and you will appear on our TPC Vorb in Birmingham next week.


One uploader will be chosen at random and officially by delegate #1 for 2019


See some example Vorbs here –


#WOSawards https://vorb.me/v/rGBKClo

#Hamilton https://vorb.me/v/xdYTxBa


For the best results here are some tips for your video


  • Film in landscape as opposed to portrait mode
  • Be brief. We recommend 6-20 secs.
  • The first frame of the video will appear as a still on the vorb so should be appealing(!)
  • A talking head should be no more than half the image to avoid distortion on the vorb
  • Doesn’t have to be a talking head – you point camera at interesting subject like your  venue and add a voiceover
  • Upload your video to Twitter (don’t link to it) with the hashtag

Go on – get uploading – and you could guarantee yourself as delegate #1 at #TPC2019 !