At Ticketing Professionals we love our two days together every year, but many of you (and us) think that learning and discovery of events could and should be all year. That’s why we launched our series of webinars, to discuss ticketing and entertainment practices or products that could benefit your business or way of working.
We are delighted that second guests will be Yesplan, hot on the heels of our opening webinar with Arenametrix.
Our second webinar will be on the 2nd November at 2pm,

Yesplan will appear in our second webinar

Our guest will be Patrick Morsman, Head of Sales in the UK with Yesplan and he explained what he hopes to discuss and show on the webinar.

“Every entertainment business is squeezed for time, with the squeeze the chance of vital details not being passed to the team or actions being taken increases. We see many business that are wasting hours of staff time a week with manual processes and repetitive tasks, such as event update sheets or staff / volunteer management.

“I really hope we can show some of the solutions we bring, including

  1. Centralising Information in your organisation
  2. Streamlining communications and notifications to the team

  3. Integrating planning systems to your ticketing platform and the benefits this can bring


We will then wrap it up with a Q&A session hosted by Andrew.

Look out for other webinars from TPC, as we continue to help push education and information to the industry.

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