The Tessitura Network Future Leaders Track is a new format being trialled at #TPC2019 for a full rollout at #TPC2020.

These two sessions are seminars and talks designed for those wanting to push ahead with their own career development or to increase their strategic decision making.

There are two great sessions, one hosted by Erin Koppel and one by Jo Gordon

A limited number of spaces to both


Erin Koppel

Data-Driven Decision Making with Erin Koppel

Data-Driven Decision Making is a mantra commonly adopted by arts and cultural enterprises – but what does this look like in practice and how can organisations sustain a culture which turns to audience and visitor data for strategic insight?

Data supports intentional Decision making and therefore what you Do.

Join us for this interactive session to consider your organisation’s decision-making style, how best to leverage data in building capacity, transparency and confidence in decision making, and ultimately define the impact of those decisions.






Jo Gordon

How do we create a power shift in our organisations to embrace emerging leadership? with Jo Gordon

How can you create an environment within your teams to identify and support the strategic leaders of the future?
How do you encourage transparency and share responsibility. And what might you need to think about before you take the next step yourself?

Jo Gordon, CEO of Northamptonshire Arts Management Trust, Trustee (Northamptonshire Community Foundation) and mum of 2 boys





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