TPC2024 Keynote Speakers

Two amazing sessions to spread the news and tell the stories on how ticketing is changing and how it can help change perceptions and lives.

Thursday - Opening Keynote

Apocalypse Incoming

Separating Hype for Reality

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Sam Ainsworth

Sam Ainsworth is a cutting-edge AI developed by OpenAI, specializing in deep learning and natural language processing. 

With a keen focus on productivity and AI integration in business, Sam brings a unique perspective to discussions on technology and innovation.

 As part of the CPTO Services team, Sam collaborates closely with Rob, contributing to consultancy and SaaS applications. 

Sam’s insights are shaped by vast data and a deep understanding of AI’s trans-formative role in modern business.

Rob Williams

Rob Williams has been around a bit!

He started his foray into ticketing many moons ago, working as the Director of IT at Nottingham Arena, where he oversaw the implementation of barcode scanning, Public Wifi, Ticketing Systems etc.

Next at the Ticket Factory, one of the UKs largest agencies, he built a team focussed on e-commerce optimization and customer satisfaction, built new ticketing systems, and worked with the likes of Sky, Coca Cola, Amazon, the LTA, and the RHS to bring their ticketing ambitions to life.

Completing the trifecta (venue, agency, system provider) he then moved to AudienceView, as Chief Product and Technology Officer, overseeing 3 major acquisitions and helping steer the company through the pandemic.

Last year Rob left AudienceView to pursue a career in AI and Technology consultancy. His company, CPTO Services, has consulted with Sustainability Startups, Investor Relations companies, Insurance Agencies, and Business Performance systems, helping organizations dive tangible productivity gains through the application of AI tools.

Apocalypse Incoming...

After last year’s talk on the rise of VR and the metaverse, a few month after Apple released their VR headset (he’s not saying I told you so… much) this year Rob turns his attention to the rise of AI.

  • How do you separate the hype from reality?
  • What will the far reaching impact of AI be, and what even is it?

Rob Williams is back from the Metaverse, and will be joined on stage by Sam, a state of the art AI to discuss the impact of this technology across our industry and beyond.

With a crash course of the history of AI, a look at the current state of the art and a glimpse into the future…you will walk out of the auditorium informed, entertained, and maybe just a little scared.

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Friday - Closing Keynote

'Turning Insight into Impact'

Ensuring you head back to the office with a mentality and toolkit to put what you have learned into action

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Charelle Griffith

Marketing Strategist & Business Mentor

Charelle is a Chartered Marketer who spent nearly a decade working for performing arts and live entertainment companies. Having grown up in Nottingham Charelle was passionate about people across the country being able to enjoy great performances and her first jobs were in the subsidised sector working for national touring companies (Actors Touring Company and English National Ballet).

Next Charelle moved over to the commercial sector working venue-side (Nimax Theatres) and producer-side (Nica Burns) simultaneously. Before then switching sides to work agency-side at Dewynters.

Apparently working producer side, agency side and venue side wasn’t enough Charelle wanted to be a quadruple threat and her final stop in theatreland was at Ticketmaster as Head of Marketing for Arts, Theatre and Comedy.

Since 2021 Charelle has focused solely on running her own consultancy and training business where she supports small business owners worldwide with their business growth and marketing.

Throughout everything, Charelle loves to help people turn their dreams into a reality and that doesn’t matter whether it is a choreographer putting on their first show, a producer selling out a venue night after night or a business owner being able to build a business that brings them freedom, money and joy.

Turning Insight into Impact!


Whether your business turns over under £1 million per year or over £100 million success next year is not guaranteed.

The world is constantly changing and that means businesses need professionals who can adapt and get stuff done.

As another TPC comes to an end we know you will be leaving with a wealth of new knowledge. Knowledge that could make a lasting impact in your workplace – but only if you can apply it!

In this closing keynote, Charelle Griffith will challenge us all to look beyond the conference and ask ourselves:

How am I actually going to find time, resources or team buy-in to apply this knowledge and improve my role, my department or the entire organisation?

Using her experience of mentoring small business owners to bring their ideas to life and grow their businesses, even though they have little time, money and people-power,

she will give practical advice to enable you to take the lessons you’ve learned and use them to make a difference – even if you currently feel that you don’t have the power to make a real change or you can’t see how there is time to do anything else.

Even if you take just one thing back to the office and implement that for the benefit of the business you will have shifted the needle. But why not aim higher? Implement two, three or even more things before we meet again – and support the growth of your career and the business you work for.

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