TPC2024 Call for Papers

Your chance to apply to speak / share ideas and experiences with the ticketing industry

Call for Papers is STILL Open

We have completed our first call for papers and shortlisting process, and now have a draft programme to publish…. but there is still time for you to submit!  

Our superb programme stream partners already has some great ideas from their own experience and your feedback from previous conferences. If you have some sessions that you would like to see (but not by yourself) then check submit an idea instead of a request to speak!


Interactive Session in Progress

Speaking at TPC2024 is a great way to share your knowledge or experience with hundreds of like minded professionals

Content, Content, Content!

The education program is the centrepiece of every TPC.

We want to hear stories from the front lines, the executive office, the venue, the promoter, the agency or technology partners about how we can all get better at our jobs – making more money, reducing unnecessary spend, raising customer service levels, increasing accessibility as well as fostering a more positive, inclusive and welcoming venue and working environment.

So every story has a place whether it’s a basic or more advanced project, principle or call for action.

Encouraging First Time or New Speakers

It is vital that we communicate we are looking for great stories from enthusiastic and passionate individuals and teams, not expert ‘presenters’

In line with our diversity policy we actively encourage and support ‘new’ speakers and those with less public speaking experience to apply. We can support you with

  • Presentation tips, coaching and feedback
  • Scheduling you in a smaller, less intimidating space
  • Partnering you with someone with more experience
  • …Or anything else to help you tell your story

We built TPC to provide a place for us all to learn, to share and to grow. Part of that is helping new speakers become experienced.

We actively encourage you to submit a paper, it’s not a commitment, it’s an idea and even if you choose not to present yourself someone else may!

Add to the ‘Ideas Pot’

As much as encourage presenters, some people do not want to, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have great ideas.

Our curation team add session ideas to the final programme, but we want yours too! So if you have an idea of a session that should be at TPC – even if you do not want to host it, please submit that too!

The Continued Drive for Diversity

Since it’s inception Ticketing Professionals has continued its mission to have speakers and attendees that reflect the diversity of the live entertaiment indisutry.

We do all we can to encourage and support speakers from groups that are typically under represented at our and other events.

A non exahustive list incudes speakers of colour, those from the LGBTQIA+ community, those with disbilities ( hidden and visible), those who are neuro divergent, of varying ages, educational levels achieved, snerioty and industry experience

We want to hear views from as many different people and to ensure that everyone as the same chance to contribute and be heard.

Introducing Vendor Led Sessions

We have always had a ‘no sales pitch’ rule accross our sessions. This will continue, but often we have submissions specifically related to a subject from a supplier who has a product that address that subject.

This can cause some feedback from some delegates ‘well it was basically a sales pitch’.

For TPC2024 we are looking to trial having a stream of sessions where we will programme such content. These will be sessions that supplier can effectively pay for, and will be clearly sign posted.

These could, for example, be deep dives intro specific principles of pricing, analysis of a website to show optimisation that could be undertaken or demonstration of a tool.

We hope but having these sessions we can ensure that sessions are focused very much on core challenges and solutions to our industry do not become clouded by commercial input.

How to Apply

We are now open for submissions. These can be submitted here. 

If you are looking to discuss any issues or clarify any points on a submission you can contact conference Director Andrew Thomas via the contact form below and he get back to you. 



Again this year we, we have assembled a session curation team from around the industry.

Once the submissions close they will review and decide which sessions we will look to progress to final title and speakers, or ask the submitter to review and adjust their submissions.

This is often to allow us to balance the topics, or add alternate points of view, all of which we can help with.


People Love Takeaways

IIdeally it should have clear learning takeaways for the audience, either in a new approach, technology or revenue opportunity

TPC delegates indicated that they would like more case studies in sessions. “How we implemented…..” or similar. Remember, hearing about failure and recovery is just as important as hearing of success

Session Lengths and Streams

he session, including Q&A should be either 30, or 60 minutes long.
It should fit in one of the core learning streams

  • Access and Inclusion
  • Revenue and Packaging
  • Targeting and Marketing
  • Digital
  • Visitor Experience and Spend
  • Organisational Improvement

Call for Papers FAQs

We know that this might not answer all your questions, but here are some of the questions and answers we thought you may have.

  • Do I also need to buy a ticket to the conference?

    You will receive a day pass for the day you are speaking.  If you would like to attend the full conference (including any drinks receptions & or party) you will need to upgrade to a full ticket. You can contact Carol for more information.

  • Do you cover speaker expenses?

    We don't generally cover speaker expenses.  If, however, speakers are finding it financially challenging to attend we may occasionally be able to help. 

  • When are sessions picked?

    Our Panel will meet soon after the call for papers closes and we will let you know if your session has been selected. Final Session schedule, Day & Time selection will be released in January. 

  • How many papers can I put in?

    You can put as many papers in as you want but remember - Quality over Quantity.

  • Can I specify a day / time to speak on?

    No. Sessions are scheduled to balance the programme and content across the conference.  If however you have a conflict, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.  

  • I don't want to speak but I have a session idea that I would like to submit

    Don't worry! This year we have created a mechanism for you to submit ideas, we will see what we can do to find speakers to deliver it. Submit your papers but just click the "this is an idea button"