TPC2022 Keynote Speakers

Two great storytellers sharing the power of resilience and the need to make sure our ticket buyers come back…. and bring a friend when they do! 

Thursday - Opening Keynote

When The Show Must Go On

The inside story of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest

Sietse Bakker

Executive Producer of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest

Sietse Bakker dropped out of university studying Communication Science to work for the Eurovision Song Contest.

He laid the foundation of its online presence amidst the rise of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, then became the contest’s Head of Communications and eventually became Event Supervisor, overseeing all event-related activities surrounding the TV shows. 

He left his position in 2016 to focus on growing the digital agency he started, and was asked to come back in 2019 as Executive Producer of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands. 

Sietse authored two books about personal development and regularly speaks at national and international events on the topics of media, leadership and (crisis)communications. Sietse is married, father of two and lives nearby Amsterdam.

The Show Must Go On ....

Through an unusual twist of faith, Dutchman Sietse Bakker has already been deeply involved with the Eurovision Song Contest for over twenty years. In 2019, after the first Dutch victory in over forty years, he was appointed Executive Producer of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest. 

No one, including himself, could have foreseen that it would take every bit of those twenty years of Eurovision experience to steer Europe’s favourite TV show through the biggest crisis it had ever faced in its 65-year history.

In his keynote, Sietse will attempt to uncover the secrets of the remarkable success of the greatest TV show on earth, the valuable lessons that can be learned from its inner workings — in good times, but especially bad ones.

The session will conclude with an open Q&A 

Connect with Sietse
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Friday - Closing Keynote

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Compelling Storytelling to Make Sure Your Customers Come Back

Bala McAlinn

Managing Director, Complete Works

Over the past 20 years Bala McAlinn has gained a great deal of experience performing and producing many international shows and tours as far and wide as London, Russia, USA, Romania, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

He has written and directed shows for London Zoo and the Science Museum, helped to create tours for the Olympic venues and recruited, trained and managed thousands of staff for shows, promotions and events, as well as the in-house teams for many visitor attractions. 2019 he won an Institute of Promotional Marketing award for increasing visitor donations by more than 300% whilst also improving visitor satisfaction scores at the National Gallery. 

He is passionate about creating unique, engaging and exciting experiences that inspire and entertain a diverse range of audiences.

He is the Founding Director of Complete Works, a company that helps enable ambitious visitor destinations to thrive, giving them the tools they need to sustainably safeguard their futures.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow​

An honest tale speeds best being plainly told, and good stories spread like wildfire. If your team successfully share stories with your customers, your customers will spread them far and wide. Creating loyal customers who will come back and tell others to come too.

To wrap up TPC 2022, Bala McAlinn, Managing Director of Complete Works, will share insights and practical tips on how to tell impactful stories to generate maximum financial return for your business.

Including pandemic success stories from Complete Works’ recent work with leading organisations like Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh and Imperial War Museums. Where by focusing on the power of storytelling they achieved record breaking results.

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