The submission process for session ideas to talk at #TPC2020 closed last week.

Before we whittle down the submissions further with the great Education Panel – we thought we would give you a sneak peek at some of the great titles vying for inclusion in the 2020 programme.

Please note that there may well be additional sessions included and none of those listed below is guaranteed to appear at #TPC2020, without further ado – here there are

Selections from the long-list of sessions for #TPC2020

#sobusy – How can I make a case for some creative thinking time?
50 shades of segmentation
AI is here – how should you take advantage?
Ai: The Rise of the Machines
Are you truly user-centred, or has your primary user become…. yourself?
Build it, buy it, bodge it. A modern cultural institute’s guide to working with digital technology.
Building a festival in your spare time and learning from your day job
Going Live in 3 Hours!
Coaching sales teams on increasing secondary income
Cradle-to-Grave: Find the Kids, Get the Money
Creating bespoke ticketing solutions using API integration with Spektrix
Do we truly understand the customer journey
Email Automation
Event discovery for tourists: how to make your events easier to find and sell more tickets
From SaaS to Enterprise SaaS in Ticketing
Guiding People to Venues & Events ‘The Smart Way’
He Went Data Way: Using the past to make the most of the future
How a mobile-first approach to ticketing can transform your organisation
How Much Customer Data is Enough?
How secure is your network?
How to drive conversions with digital marketing in 2019 – powered by machine intelligence
How to use service design to re-think the ticketing desk customer experience
How to use social media to fight credit card fraud

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……. oh is that enough or do you want to see some more?

The long-list continues –

If you build it they will come/From zero to hero
Integration Ecosystems
Jack of All Trades, Master of None – trying to make your organisation’s ticketing system do EVERYTHING is your biggest problem
New Venues, New Audiences
Small Changes, Big Impact
So you’ve got wheelchair seats, now what?
Survival of the sharpest – lessons from the last 50 years
System Showdown / Comparison
Technology vs Regulation. Future of Secondary Market
The role AI can play in customer services
Ticketing in 2035: The Future is Here, Just Not Evenly Distributed
Ticketing in your ICT landscape
Ticketing Without Barriers – Two Years On
Tickets & Ice Creams – Integrated Strategy to Hit the Bottom Line
To bespoke or not to bespoke, that is the question…
Us & them – re-evaluating how we talk about diversity and inclusion
Using Journey Mapping to Create the Optimal Attendee Experience
Venue Technology: The Long View
We have a new website, now what?
When the sky’s the limit, how do you aim for the stars?
Why Festival Ticketing is hard
Who the heck are these people?? – Identifying and utilising your average audience member
Women in Ticketing Panel
WTF is a Channel Manager?
Website’s that works for your Box Office team

Still a chance to get your idea in

There are still sessions being added to the long list and this list does exclude some of our own ideas too. If you still want to get a session idea in head to the submissions page today.

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