Welcome to 2019 – which means TPC2019 can’t be far away.
Even though the conference is almost upon us, we have just released our next two webinars, following on from Arenametrix and Yesplan last year.
We are delighted that our good friends from Activity Steam and Theatre Tokens will lead the next two webinars planned.

First up is Activity Stream on Wednesday 23rd January at 2pm

“Subscribing to better sales, marketing and customer experience – a look at how intelligence-as-a-service is developing (fast)”

More and more organisations are choosing dedicated 3rd party subscription services to help them set up a data infrastructure and provide the data tools that are relevant to the industry.

We’ll cover in this webinar
+ What is Intelligence-as-a-service and who is it relevant to?
+ Key benefits of subscribing to Activity Stream
+ The (near) future of connected data – what are the key trends


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Then on Wednesday 27th February we welcome Theatre Tokens

“Maximise the benefits of Theatre Tokens; from brand awareness to increased ticket sales”

With over £10m Theatre Tokens sold nationally each year, there’s never been an easier way for theatres to reach a new audience. In this webinar, you’ll find out how you can use Theatre Tokens to not only help promote your shows but also increase profits through up spend, bar and merchandise sales.

Join us on the 27th February for our next webinar with Theatre tokens in which we will cover.

+ Top 5 tips for maximising sales
+ Driving audience engagement and spend
+ Why Theatre Tokens happily sit alongside your own theatre’s scheme

Register for Theatre Tokens Webinar for Free Here

If there are any other subjects, topics or products you would like to see featured (even if it’s one of your own) drop us a line


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