In the last of our series finding out which sessions are on everyone’s must see list, we caught up with President and CEO of the International Ticketing Association – Maureen Andersen.

A conference is a lot like a buffet menu.  You get to stroll through the items and pick and choose what you want to consume.  The most difficult part is making choices to make sure I get to consume the tastiest of treats from the TPC buffet menu!  I’m going to be very full after this visit to the sideboard.  However, that said there are some that I will absolutely not miss as they are way too tempting to skip, and this is no conference to be on a diet!
So, to the meaty subjects I will be first in line for:


Bill Hogg’s keynote Leader of the Pack + his two workshops are always top on my list.  Bill has been to INTIX a couple of times and I know how he delivers with a punch.  I missed him a couple of weeks ago at PacNet so I’m glad to get another opportunity to be wowed by him at TPC. 


Sam Menter Improving the Venue Customer Experience using the Physical Web workshop

Anytime you use the words behavioural insight, service design, and customer interaction you’ve got me. I look forward to the journey of “wheels, rivers and paddles” with him.


As a consumer I continually look for and want to be delivered “beautifully crafted ticketing” and “the purchase experience I [they] deserve.”  For that reason, I will not miss Frictionless Ticket Sales and Chris Crossley.


There are some timeslots that are causing me great consternation as I don’t know what to choose but suffice it to say that the sessions on Ticketing and Blockchain, Martin Gammeltoft’s new math session 1+1=3 are both tops on my list.


I urge all attendees to consume Nick Begley’s Millennial Mentality lively presentation and discussion.  It was a hit at both #intix2018 and AVConnect and I can’t wait to ask you some questions Nick.  I’ve got a list! Rounding out my favorites at the TPC feast will be Does Your Organisation Have Trust Issues? 


However, for this Yank the most important item on the programme will be the insights and information I will get first hand from the GDPR workshop.  It’s a tricky new world with the looming implementation of this law that is a global concern.  Thanks, TPC for including this important topic on your schedule of events.


I am very grateful to represent INTIX on the Leadership in Ticketing panel with these esteemed colleagues.  It’s always a pleasure for me to sit on a panel with Mike Evenson and I eagerly anticipate our repartee.  Suffice it to say that I always learn so much from my colleagues on panels like this.  Old dogs can learn new tricks and I will enjoy this moment of learning!


TPC is a rich feast and I look forward to consuming broad knowledge, new thoughts and ideas, and to sharing this experience with colleagues in Birmingham.  I will see you there at the feast!



Catch These Sessions at #TPC2018

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