Session Picks – Martin Gammeltoft

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What Sessions are Ticketing ( & Marketing ) Professionals Most Looking Forward to at #TPC2024?

Martin Gammeltoft

EVP Business Development, Activity Stream

What are you session picks for #TPC2024?

Act Green: Nudging audiences into sustainable travel

I love to see sustainability initiatives that are making a real difference, so I’m looking forward to hearing the findings from Katy Raines and Chris Thompson. As some will know, I’m also into behavioral science, so will be curious to hear how communication changes behaviour.

How do you sell a “sold out” venue?

This sounds like a very interesting session, with real-life examples of the challenges of solutions that a lot of venues face every day. I’ll mark this as part of my general ticketing education!

In a world of ticket ballots, why is queueing still the British way?

I love the TPC sessions that promise a real discussion, with opposing views and perspectives (remember the “trial” on dynamic pricing, anyone?) and this one should be an interesting one. I’m definitely “team ballot”, so I’m looking forward to have my perspectives widened.

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