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What Sessions are Ticketing ( & Marketing ) Professionals Most Looking Forward to at #TPC2024?

Lucy Costelloe

Lucy Costelloe

Marketing Manager, Ticketsolve

What are you session picks for #TPC2024?

TPC is also a must-have blocked of on my calendar each year and I’m particularly excited to attend this year and catch up with others, the wonderful familiar faces as well as make new connections.

The session schedule is always filled with different outlooks and perspectives and success stories (even the sessions that talk about learnings from ‘failures’ are success stories in my eyes).

I usually challenge myself to attend something a little out of my comfort zone and you can be sure with the line-up, that there’s something new for all ticketing folk to take back.

This year I’m not missing out on the session The Best Tix In Life Are Free (Or Are They?). I’m looking forward to learning from the insights of the panel and hearing their tales, trials and tribulations of what the pros and cons of free ticketing looks like but in real terms!

I’m particularly passionate about topics that look at the mission of arts and cultural organizations so I’m recommending Tim Colegate’s session looking at Dynamic Pricing – Beyond Making Money. It’s a constant weighing of priorities looking at how to balance acting like a business by ‘maximising revenue streams’ and also being a social enterprise and ‘making more meaningful connections’. I look forward to hearing Tim’s take on this challenge.

I was instantly drawn to the session What’s On – trends, ideas and measuring success. Your online user-journey from acquisition to conversion is one of your most important considerations and, depending on your content and experience, can have both positive and negative impacts on your overall online journey.

I’m bringing pen and paper to this session and hoping to gather lots of ideas in terms of actionable insights and practical tips that can be implemented nearly straight of the bat!

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