Session Picks – Jamie Snelgrove

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What Sessions are Ticketing ( & Marketing ) Professionals Most Looking Forward to at #TPC2024?

Jamie Snelgrove

Head of Business Development, UK Theatre / SOLT

What are you session picks for #TPC2024?

The importance of using ticketing systems to drive commercial income in the arts & culture sector
I’m always looking at ways to help arts venues find new, and maximise existing, income streams, so can’t wait to join in the conversation with Robin Cantril Fenwick and Alex Grieves.

Then first session on day 2 what a way to clear the head after the previous evening’s ‘Cocktail Hour … and a Half’ and ‘The Tixly Big Thursday Bash’, than by listening to Anna Evans and Philip Goudal;

How do you sell a “sold out” venue?

And then I can’t wait to hear Angela Higgins’ session;

Forgiveness not Permission: Why we should (sometimes) break the rules.

Sounds like how I live my life …

Plus of course no Ticketing Professionals Conference is complete without a Eurovision session – take it away Billy Partridge!
Eurovision – it’s a TV show! / Eurovision 2023 – Douze Points!

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