Session Picks – Ellie Griffiths

Every Ticketing Professionals Conference is based around an amazing education and development programme.

What Sessions are Ticketing ( & Marketing ) Professionals Most Looking Forward to at #TPC2024?

Ellie Griffiths

Product Marketing Manager, Tessitura Network

What are you session picks for #TPC2024?

TPC is a must attend on the conference calendar! I am always in awe of the folks who are willing to bring their experiences so everyone can learn more. This year is no different and very difficult to just pick a couple of highlights … but, I’d recommend checking out the following:

Expert NOT impostor
This is a great panel of inspiring women (and I’m not just saying that because Rachael is a colleague!). All are definitely experts, not imposters! I know this session will leave you feeling energised, with tips to help you address imposter syndrome. I’d advise anyone to go, not just women, as I’m sure there’s lots to learn for anyone looking to develop their voice and build their confidence.

Ticket Bots
Understanding the threat & safeguarding your onsales – Our industry sells experiences. So, it’s frustrating for venues and customers that there has been a rise in fraudulent purchases and chargebacks. I think to combat this you need a good partnership with your technology. The more we can learn about protecting our inventory, the more we can ensure loyal customers have fair access to the tickets we offer!

The importance of using ticketing systems to drive commercial income in the arts & culture sector
This is my bread and butter! I always love a good conversation about how technology can support revenue generation. As customers increasingly want all-in experiences, how we connect our offerings into a smooth customer journey to maximise income is going to be key to sustainability and long-term growth!


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