Session Picks – Andy Shepperd

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What Sessions are Ticketing ( & Marketing ) Professionals Most Looking Forward to at #TPC2024?

Andy Shepperd

Head of Marketing and Communications, New Theatre Royal Portsmouth

What are you session picks for #TPC2024?

Dynamic Pricing – Beyond making money – Tim Colgate
I have heard great things about the dynamic pricing strategy that has been successfully implemented at Lighthouse in Poole.
I am looking forward to hearing directly from the venue about how this can be achieved in a regional venue, and not a just in the capital, on a show with a bank busting leading name.

What’s On – trends, ideas and measuring success
This has got to be the golden ticket! Learning insights into how best to present your venues ‘What’s On’ page using learning from the retail industry.
I am hoping to gain a plan to satisfy, the management team, visiting companies and the purchasing public from this session.

How do you sell a “sold out” venue?
Having any production that is totally sold out must be a dream for most of us!
But it will be interesting to learn how to challenge the public’s perception that a show is sold out, when in fact, you still have tickets to sell.

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