Could self-funded professional development be a “thing”?


Hatti Simpson and Sam Biscoe recently attended INTIX2019 on grants from International Ticketing Association(INTIX) and were blown away by the warmth and willingness to share industry knowledge and ideas from INTIX members predominantly in North America


The conference was so valuable to them that when it was announced that INTIX2020 would be in New York they decided this shouldn’t be an opportunity they could miss out on again!


They decided that as a team they would crowdfund their own professional development. Both working for charitable organisations inside and outside of London they know that their impact on their communities could be huge if they work as a team, but with ever-tightening budgets in the UK they know that our salaries won’t get them all the way there!


They’ve been invited to the party, now you can allow them to dance! 💃🏼 If you’re interested in helping them please visit: Any assistance you can provide will be deeply appreciated!


Book #TPC2019 and Help Sam and Hatti

Ticketing Professionals are also chipping in! If you choose the promotion code ‘samandhatti’ when booking your TPC delegate space – we will donate £50 towards their fund. With places limited – do it today