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Conference Opening – Welcome to #TPC2024

Updates, news and housekeeping ahead of a packed #TPC2024

Opening Keynote

Apocalypse Incoming

Rob Williams is back from the Metaverse, and will be joined on stage by Sam, a state of the art AI to discuss the impact of this technology across our industry and beyond.

With a crash course of the history of AI, a look at the current state of the art and a glimpse into the future…you will walk out of the auditorium informed, entertained, and maybe just a little scared.

Sam Ainsworth & Rob Williams
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Concurrent Sessions

10:55am - 11:55am


Making every dollar count

With our potential audiences watching the pennies, we need to ensure every dollar we spend is as effective as possible. Whether on technology or targeting, smart spending is now more important than ever.

In this session Kyle Wright will share the journey Shubert theatres have been travelling, covering the methods and tools, bumps in the roads, the detours, but ultimately the end result of more seats filled, more effective spending and ultimately growing their business.

This session is not just focused on large organisations but every venue looking to increase their reach, whatever their budget.

Kyle Wright
Senior Director of Business Development, Shubert Ticketing
A middle aged man with short hair and glasses in a dark jacket, smiling and looking at the camera

Forgiveness not Permission: Why we should (sometimes) break the rules.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. – Pablo Picasso

Many of us are drawn to a career in live events because we thrive on the challenge of meeting tight deadlines and ever moving goal posts.

To help navigate our teams through the chaos and challenge, we rely on a framework of rules and norms to maintain order and cohesion.

From early in our careers, we are trained to accept these rules as fundamental to the functioning of our operations.
This session will challenge some of the written and unwritten rules that we hold in our industry, citing real life examples where stretching the rules a little or breaking them entirely, lead to an increase in efficiency, revenue and customer experience. We will explore practical tips on how to break the rules, without breaking everything else.

Angela Higgins
MD, Antix Management

Dynamic Pricing - Beyond Making Money

Due to its public perception of being purely commercially motivated, and despite its relative acceptance in other industries, the use of dynamic pricing in the arts and entertainment sector continues to be a contentious issue.

This panel discussion will investigate the many different considerations that organisations face when utilising dynamic pricing in their strategy and will explore how to balance the need to maximise revenue with satisfying their charitable objectives.

Tim Colegate
Head of Programming, Lighthouse - Poole

Expert NOT Impostor!

Recognising the expertise of women in our sector.

Touching on imposter syndrome with a panel of women with a range of sector experience discussing how their voices and experience offers value. Examples of how female views differ and offer different value to conversations. 

This session highlights the wide variety of incredible women in our sector. 

It is a fact that women fall away from their careers as they mature and we see more men and less women. This session can show the careers available, that women do continue to develop and while we may be fewer in number at senior roles we still all have value.

Act Green: Nudging audiences into sustainable travel

Environmental sustainability remains a business-critical challenge for the cultural sector, not least due to the disproportionate carbon footprint created by audience travel.

This presentation and panel discussion led by Indigo and ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ CEOs Katy Raines and Chris Thompson highlights findings from two initiatives to engage audiences, influence their travel behaviour, establish best practice, and quantify the results. Utilising box office data, automated communications via Activity Stream and the You.Smart.Thing Travel Assistant, audiences are making more informed choices and changing their habits.

Emerging Digital Trends in the Visitor Attraction Industry

In this session, our panel, comprised of experts in various roles across the industry, will delve into the landscape of digital trends within the ticketing sector. Drawing insights from the 2023 Rubber Cheese Visitor Attraction Survey, the discussion will revolve around key survey data, providing a comprehensive analysis of the ticketing space going forwards.

As the technological landscape evolves, the way tickets are bought, sold, and experienced undergoes transformative changes, significantly influencing tourist attractions, venues, and all events where tickets are a crucial aspect.

We’ll review the latest advancements, exploring how digital trends such as mobile ticketing, app functionality, self-service kiosks and dynamic pricing.

Throughout this comprehensive discussion, our panel will not only analyze the current state of the industry but will also forecast future trends, offering valuable insights for venue operators. Join us as we navigate the exciting terrain where technology and ticketing converge, shaping the future of how we engage with and experience various attractions and events.

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Concurrent Sessions

12:00pm - 12:30pm

VIP/Hospitality Packages: Entertainment Event Consumer Perceptions of Value and Pricing

This presentation will discuss some of the key findings from an online consumer survey which is part of a PhD project currently being undertaken at Aberystwyth Business School (Aberystwyth University).

There will be a particular focus on the package components, willingness to pay and consumer purchase behaviour. There will also be an analysis of consumer perceptions of real anonymised VIP/Hospitality packages.

Jonathan Fry
Lecturer in Business and Management, Aberystwyth University

Tomorrow’s Audience: turning first-timers into lifers

Find out what new audiences really think and feel. In this session, we share the findings from Tomorrow’s Audience, a collaborative research project run by Indigo  Ltd in partnership with Spektrix and in association with a consortium of many of the UK’s leading arts organisations.

Incorporating 32,000 audience survey responses, aggregated ticketing data from Spektrix and qualitative research, you will find out who new audiences for the performing arts really are.

Next-Level Ticketing: Strategies for Upscaling Events

Discover how a leading stand-up comedy theatre scaled up for a landmark event, attracting over 11,000 attendees, by relying on dynamic pricing.

This session explores the journey from ideation to the final ticket sold, unveiling the strategies behind dynamic pricing and sector-specific revenue management.

Learn how the event’s success was achieved by balancing demand with pricing, and how releasing tickets in waves boosted revenue. Join us for an insightful glimpse into confidently scaling events.

Bence Marosi
CEO, DynamO Pricing

Creating the fans of the future

The cost of living crisis is reducing disposable and essential income for everyone.

Live events fans, especially those on lower incomes, are choosing to save their pennies for essentials, or for a couple of truly memorable nights out. In other words, they are investing their limited income carefully – and rarely – in live events, despite their apparent demand for shows. And while audiences may be short on cash now, live events’ future fans won’t necessarily stay that way – and they’ll remember the hobbies and interests that inspire and look after them today.

How can we get fans to attend live events at all levels, committing to their local venues and clubs in the future?

Tickets for Good share a range of insights drawn from their work with event partners across all live and cultural sectors, from pricing challenges to the barriers expressed by their audience members when booking free tickets. In a session informed by data generated with their members, the Tickets for Good team will be joined in conversation by a leading event partner to share their ideas to help secure the fans of the future today.

Pippa Le Grand
Tickets for Good

Removing the friction from your customer journey.

In a world where customer expectations are continually evolving, venues must adapt to provide seamless and frictionless experiences. This discussion will explore strategies and innovative approaches to eliminate friction from the customer journey, ensuring your customers are delighted at every touchpoint.
The discussion will cover:

  • How to identify the friction within your operations?
  • Why understanding your audience can reduce friction?
  • What tech can help streamline your operations?
  • How can the use of integrations reduce friction?
  • How implementing an end to end solution puts your customers first.

AI: The role of cultural organisations in shaping this new technology for everyone's benefit

Almost 70 years on from the invention of the modern idea of AI, it’s crossed into the public and political mainstream. Depending on who you ask, it will either save the world or destroy it. While the EU lays down the law, the UK tries to set the agenda, and creatives fear it eating their lunch – many of us are getting on with using it in our everyday lives and work. So we’re going to ask in this fun and interactive session: how can people working in cultural organisations and venues – and the technology and research organisations that exist to support them – understand and use AI on three levels:

1) Literacy – what are the implications for us and our audiences and ticket buyers, including ethical dilemmas
2) Capability – how can we use these technologies to help people and organisations work smarter
3) Competence – what tools are around and how to learn to use them.


Lunch is served in the Exhibition Hall, with seating is available in the Tessitura Hub, located in Hall 3. 


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Concurrent Sessions

13:45 - 14:15

Don’t say Hi - and other ways to make your communication more effective

Covid changed communication. Technology changes communication. People change how they want to be communicated to. And you should adapt to make your communication and campaigns as effective as possible.

In this session we explore trends in all aspects of communication, and you can pick up applicable insights that will make your communication more effective. Part of the session will explore what was learned from the analysis of 2,600,000 text messages and how customers responded.

So come to the session and…don’t say hi.

James Bush
Sales Director, Activity Stream

Inclusivity in Ticketing: A Guide to Best Practices

  • “Inclusivity is essential for organizations serving diverse audiences. This session will go over practices that aim to create a diverse, engaged, and respected audience, in the context of ticketing software and CRM systems. Including but not limited to:

– Recognizing pronouns and gender diversity at POS
– How to create households without making assumptions based on last names or addresses
– How to gather demographic data for grant applications while respecting privacy and autonomy
– Strategies to continually learn, adapt, and evolve to be as inclusive as possible

Inclusivity is not a buzzword but a critical component for organizations serving diverse audiences. This session will be a quick, engaging, painless way for attendees to learn how to be more empathetic, respectful, and understanding.

Jo-Ann Chiam
VP of Customer Engagement, AudienceView

Eurovision - it’s a TV show! / Eurovision 2023 - Douze Points!

Many people think of the Eurovision Song Contest as a TV show, which it is, but without a live audience, it would not be the spectacle and success that it is, making it the most familiar global non-sporting event. In 2023 the United Kingdom hosted the competition for the first time in 25 years, on behalf of the Ukraine, with nine sold-out arena shows in one week in Liverpool. The city also welcomed a bi-cultural events programme featuring Ukrainian art, backed by the city region, including the EuroVillage which livestreams the shows from the arena to tens of thousands outside.

Go behind the scenes of the BBC’s delivery of the event in front of the camera, see what ticketing ideas you’re already using in your everyday and discover some new ones.

This session, delivered by the BBC’s ticketing representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, will cover some aspects of ticketing which can be found in many ticketing operations from community theatre to large scale venue or arts festival. We’ll uncover how these were applied to deliver a 100% sold out run of shows, and the impact this had on the success of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with official statistics from the evaluation of the record-breaking event. Douze points!”

Billy Partridge
Freelance Ticketing Consultant

Balancing Act: Nurturing Mental Health and Work-Life Harmony in Today's Workplace

Join Hrefna Sif Jónsdóttir, Tixly’s Managing Director, in “Balancing Act: Nurturing Mental Health and Work-Life Harmony in Today’s Workplace.”

This session delves into integrating work-life balance and mental health strategies, from a female leadership perspective in remote work environments. Discover practical tips for maintaining well-being and a supportive work culture, and engage in an interactive discussion on balancing professional and personal life in modern, flexible work settings.

Hrefna Sif Jónsdóttir
Managing Director, Tixly

Ticketing in the AI era

“With so much talk around AI and the potential impact it will have on every market globally, this session puts the ticketing sector on the front foot to re-think how we do ticketing. As with any new technology, AI brings new opportunities and, almost certainly, new challenges.

This session will discuss what really matters when adopting new technology in general and the importance of being prepared for the rise of AI.”

Rob Monkman
CEO, Ticketi

Onboarding New Users

When a venue invests capital into a new system, the success or failure of that system is down to the buy in from users. How well they are onboarded has a massive part to play in that buy in. 


In this session we will explore:

• Why is developing a plan for onboarding new users important
• How do we communicate the benefits of the new system to users
• Mapping processes and ensuring they are available and up to date
• How to make use of available resources i.e. help centres, webinars, training material
• Benefits of investing in an internal expert – train the trainer style approach
• Tips and tricks for working with a variety of learning styles
• How to make it fun for the users to increase the retention of information

Guy Hiddlestone
Head of Client Services, Artifax Software

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Concurrent Sessions

14:20 - 15:20

Artificial Intelligence: How AI is being used in ticketing

“Dive into an engaging world where AI meets ticketing and live entertainment. This session is a gateway to discovering the impactful role of AI in transforming the ticketing industry. It showcases real-world applications of AI, illustrating how it’s enhancing customer experiences and streamlining operational processes.

The session is designed to demystify AI, making it accessible and understandable, regardless of your prior experience. It breaks down practical ways to integrate AI into your ticketing operations, ensuring the technology is approachable and user-friendly.

A highlight of this experience is the interactive workshop, a collaborative and creative space. Here, attendees can exchange ideas, learn from shared experiences, and brainstorm innovative AI solutions tailored to their unique needs in the ticketing sector. This workshop encourages a lively exchange of ideas in a fun and supportive environment, making it perfect for both AI novices and those with some experience.

Whether you’re just starting to explore the possibilities of AI or looking to deepen your understanding, this session offers valuable insights into the potential of AI in ticketing and live entertainment. You’ll leave not only with a clearer understanding of how AI can be practically applied but also with inspiration drawn from a community of industry peers. This session is an invitation to explore, learn, and collaborate on the exciting frontier of AI in ticketing.”

Joe Shellard
Today Tix

Front Row Everywhere: The Art of Securing the Best Seats with 3D Virtual Reality and Digital Twins

Discover how these groundbreaking technologies seamlessly blend the physical and virtual realms, allowing you to explore venues like never before. 

No longer bound by traditional constraints, attendees will witness firsthand how Digital Twins recreate the atmosphere, acoustics, and sightlines of live events, offering an unparalleled preview of what each seat has to offer.

Ticketing Trends Across the Atlantic

Discover how the live entertainment industry on both sides of the Atlantic is adapting to the evolving preferences of festival, concert and theatergoers, with a particular focus on the challenge posed by the increasing allure of at-home convenience. Are we witnessing similar shifts in consumer behavior, or do regional nuances prevail?

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights, share your perspectives, and engage with industry experts. Audience participation is encouraged, as we seek to foster a dynamic dialogue that sheds light on the trends shaping the future of ticketing in the performing arts, concerts and festivals. Join us and be part of the conversation that’s shaping the industry!

The importance of using ticketing systems to drive commercial income in the arts & culture sector

Unlock the secrets to driving commercial income in the arts and culture sector by exploring the transformative potential of ticketing systems.

This panel discussion unravels the nuances of enhancing secondary spending and elevating the customer journey through strategic implementation.

Delve into ethical considerations, collaborative efforts between commercial and ticketing departments, and the indispensable integration of systems.

Join speakers from entertainment and cultural venues and EPOS providers for insights into the symbiotic relationship between technology and economic success.

We would make access tickets available online but…

Buying tickets online can be complex for people with (and without) access needs. From jarring login experiences, fiddly seat selection tools and unclear messaging about the venue or performance. These frustrations aside, some users are only able to book via the box office during opening hours, fill out forms, or repeatedly present themselves and their “proof” of disability.

Join us in this session to hear from the incredible team at Birmingham Hippodrome who, recently partnered with digital agency Substrakt and leading authority on accessible ticketing, Nimbus Disability, to transform the online booking experience for their customers.

Supercharge Your Basket: Amp Up The Customer Experience with Smart Add-Ons and a Personalized Touch!

Who else is coming to #TPC2024?

See who is already booked and headed for Birmingham!

Afternoon Coffee & Tea Break


Concurrent Sessions

15:40 - 16:10

Driving cultural relevance through personalisation

True personalisation in online experiences for cultural organisations remains elusive despite frequent mentions. Hindered by technological constraints or budgetary limits, this goal is often unmet. In an era where recognising and responding to individual beliefs, values, and customs is vital, mere ‘welcome [name]’ on a homepage is insufficient. More profound, culturally aware, and responsive personalisation is imperative to truly cater to users’ diverse backgrounds and preferences.

Learning objectives
The benefits of Bilingual/multi-language sites, personalisation for people with different access needs, taking advantage of the connection with your ticketing/crm system for personalisation

P10Y - A New Approach to Leadership

Whether you’re agile or autocratic, transformational or laissez-faire, leadership in the sector
is not only under scrutiny–but under pressure!!

In this session, we look at what it means to be a productive leader and how you can foster
effective change across your organisation.

We cover some of the big topics and the
concerns around tick box exercises and greenwashing and support you to naviage through
some of the toughest decisions and considerations.

Connecting an Industry

Every year, our industry spends millions on getting the right data flowing to the right systems. Ticketing companies have key people building integrations, new start-ups have to set up integrations to all major ticketing systems in order to provide their services, and venues, producers and clubs spend money on IT consultants in order to parse data between systems.

Over the last 12 months, Activity Stream has built exchange, a stand-alone data layer that transforms ticketing data into a unified format and enables data to flow to all major platforms, connected 3rd party services, and to be enriched and verified by connected services along the way, potentially unlocking massive savivng and efficiencies across the industry.

Join us to learn more about the many possibilities and capabilities of exchange, and how it can help you.

Martin Gammletoft
Chief Business Officer, Activity Stream

How to Design an Empathetic Chatbot your Customers will Love


Sound familiar? There are Conversation Design techniques and guidelines unique to ticketing you can follow to ensure you deliver a great AI experience.

This session will teach you how to frame AI conversations so your customer knows what they can and can’t do; how much personality to give your bot; key metrics to analyse your bot’s performance; and how your bot can speak empathetically without aggravating impatient customers.”

Tim Willers
Head of Conversation Design, Nibble Technology

Data Unleashed: A Doodler's Guide to Joining the Dots

This session is no ordinary data session with graphs and charts. It is not technical either. It is for anyone who has an interest in delving into the mind of a data strategist. Or is even perhaps thinking about getting into data and – yes – it really is exciting! She is very passionate about sharing some of her successes and struggles with other people.

Michele will use every day analogies to relate them back to how she forms a strategy. She will talk about her experiences. How she thinks about data and uses visuals to understand and detangle the chaos.
Secondly, she will talk about AI and how people are critical to the successful use of AI within a Data Management Solution using data categorisation as an example, and tying

She will then bring this altogether and talk about an event that she attended where data, technology and humans worked together seamlessly to create a truly amazing experience.

Finally, she will end with a little task for you all to try. Everyone thinks and plans differently, but if just one of you can take from this talk a little of what she does, who knows, maybe you will love data as much as she does, and you will find yourself wanting to explore the world of data a little bit more.

Michele Alexander
Director - Business Data, AudienceView

Creating Customizable Ticketing Protection Through AI

The ticketing world is affected by many insecurities that are out of our control, causing event goers to second-guess their commitment to attending live events or activities.

As such, event goers are increasingly looking to protect the big-ticket items they invest in which means there is ample opportunity to fill protection gaps with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

In their session, Cover Genius will speak to the future of AI in the ticketing world and how embedded protection can allow ticketing partners to increase core conversions – selling more tickets, earlier and at an optimal price, anywhere in the world.

Joe Calnan
Partnership Director, Cover Genius

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Concurrent Sessions

16:15 - 17:15

Have the Tough Conversation: Price, Value, Loyalty

What is a ticket worth? Truly worth. Discussing price and value in an arts organization is really hard. Because as passionate as your colleagues are, they aren’t the one’s buying the tickets. Talking about price is so difficult that often it’s not talked about at all. But for an organization to evolve, pricing must evolve too. Join us as walk you through how to have the tough conversation about price.

Learning objectives:
1. Initiate a constructive conversation with colleagues around price and value.
2. Find common ground amongst a diverse set of opinions.
3. Build a strategy that tests internal assumptions about price.

Sean Kelly
Founder, Vatic

Cultural Digitalization Redefined; The Key Role of Human Skills in digital projects

In this talk, Marieke van Gent, founder of IT Efficiency (the Netherlands), highlights the significant changes happening in the cultural industry due to digitalization.

She simplifies the tech talk, stressing that success in digital projects isn’t just about advanced technology but also about embracing a human touch.

Van Gent emphasizes the necessity for a digital shift in the cultural sector, and to make that shift successful we need more than just technology – we need the people to be on board. Marieke explores the powerful concept of “change management” and concludes with real-life experiences, illustrating how cultural organizations succeed by placing people at the forefront of their digital journeys.

Marieke van Gent
Business Owner, IT Efficiency

Why/how is demography disrupting attendances/audiences?

Post pandemic have we lost 10-20% of core audiences?

Are the non-returners gone?

What happens as the Baby Boomers fade away?

Let’s be positive: take a look forward at recruiting the audiences of the future.

We know a lot about the “younger” cohorts (under 70!) but how do we engage them? How are Gen Z & the Millennials different in values so they challenge us? A chance to hear research analysis and discuss the opportunities.

What's On - trends, ideas and measuring success

Join us for a deep dive into What’s On pages on websites. In this session, we’ll explore current trends, innovative ideas, and effective strategies for measuring success. With insights from a panel of speakers, we’ll look at how to present your offerings in a compelling manner, drawing insights from the world of e-commerce and look at how you can measure success whilst managing stakeholders.

Gain a realistic understanding of limitations and learn to navigate challenging expectations, like handling comparisons to industry giants such as Amazon. This session will include lots of practical takeaways, examples from the sector and ideas to support your digital strategy.

What is a ticketing system?

“You probably use a ticketing system every day, but if your life depended on it could you describe what a ticketing system actually is? “Something that sells tickets” covers everything from Taylor Swift selling her arena tour to the person running the raffle at the village fete, and omits features most modern ticketing systems boast as standard. Yet making the description more complicated raises more questions than it answers. Does a museum need to offer reserved seating? Does an arena need to offer timed entry slots? Does the village raffle need CRM? Does a ticketing system need to do any of this?

More importantly, how are we supposed to build better ticketing systems if we can’t even agree what a ticketing system is to begin with?

In this session, our panelists will debate how we should define a ticketing system in 2024, drawing from their combined experience working at venues, festivals, ticket agents, ticketing systems, arts consultancies, digital agencies, and more. By the end of the hour, they’ll arrive (hopefully) at a list of essential features, nice-to-have add-ons, and well-meaning bells and whistles that never actually get used or, worse, that get in everybody’s way.

As a result, audience members will leave with a new understanding of what a ticketing system is, what role it should play in their business, and how to use theirs better.”

Let’s have a conversation about Racism

A look into recent anti-racism conversations at Ambassador Theatre Group followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Structure of session:
1. Opened by Aamar Butt, sharing some personal stories on the topic and contextualising the conversation.
2. Overview from Kelsie Adams on the launch of the ATG programme and what has changed.
3. Interactive sections asking audience to anonymously answer some questions.
4. Open the floor to questions.
5. Summary: what is next for ATG and the ticketing industry?


Cocktail Hour.....and a half!

Relax and grab a drink in the exhibition hall, a busy day at the Vox is almost over. Take time to network with fellow delegates and browse some great products and solutions. 

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The Third Tixly Big Thursday Bash

#TPC2024 rounds out Day 2 with a great party and networking event in the city centre with food and drinks from our amazing sponsors Tixly. RSVP required.

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Speakers / Sponsors

Breakfast Snacks


Concurrent Sessions

09:30 - 10:00

How to sell out: the ticketing playbook

Dive into the art of box office success in this dynamic session, where real-world examples and cutting-edge analytical tools come alive.

Uncover the secrets of aligning ticketing strategies with fundamental principles to achieve both immediate success and lasting impact.

Master the craft of setting ambitious, yet attainable sales targets using innovative tools like the Yield-Occupancy Matrix.

Delve into the world of dynamic pricing and inventory management to captivate audiences and skyrocket revenues. This session is your key to unlocking the full potential of your ticketing strategy, blending theory with practical, market-driven techniques for spectacular results.

Joe Shellard
Today Tix

Checkout experience: How not to lose a sale!

“Delving into the dynamics of the ticketing industry, the phenomenon of cart abandonment emerges as a pivotal challenge.

As users navigate through the ticketing platforms, an intriguing pattern unfolds when potential customers, despite showing initial interest, disengage at the crucial juncture of the checkout process. Our session aims to dissect the intricacies of cart abandonment within the ticketing sector, shedding light on its underlying causes, implications, and potential strategies for mitigation.

In a face paced world where time seems to escape us how can you make sure people don’t just visit your website, they also visit your venue. 

From mobile optimisation to more payment options come join us as we explore these in more detail.

AI - you're doing it already

With AI being the latest ‘must do’ thing in ticketing, this session will look at the intelligence we are already using. 

Whether it is simple or complex automation, machine learning and AI in relation to pricing, CRM and communications, there is a risk that we may create more uncertainty in our teams and leadership.

This session will look at examples of who is doing it already and the results they are achieving. 

Should we be prioritising our focus and looking to improve and iterate what we do now, instead of re-inventing the wheel?

Ellie Griffths
Product Marketing Manager, Tessitura Network

How to increase revenue, online share and early bookings by holistic price differentiation

In this presentation, Smart Pricer will show different case studies of customers from various industries such as attractions, venues, sport clubs and also skiing resorts who typically achieve +5-10% in revenue increase, 3-8% in off-peak attendance as well as higher online shares and early bookings.

They accomplish this by holistic price differentiation or “real” Dynamic Pricing based on their specific rules and industry characteristics.

Filippo Scanzano
Smart Pricer

How do you sell a "sold out" venue?

“Two venues that could not be more opposite of one another. A 250 seater arts venue nestled in the heart of London’s West End, alongside a 3000 capacity arena in the up and coming East End of London.

Head of Ticketing at the Donmar, Anna Evans, will discuss the highs and lows of looking after the ticketing at one of the most prestigious, but smallest, venues in the West End. She will look at productions that have flown out of the door, why that happened, and what, if any, challenges that presented. She will also look at productions that didn’t take off as quickly, what challenges that presented and solutions used to over come this. Lastly, she will look at a huge part of the Donmar’s revenue – fundraising and memberships and how does it make the selling of tickets more efficient?

Head of Sales and Ticketing at ABBA Voyage, Philip Goudal, will look at the burst of ticket sales from the first excitement of a major new production. He will discuss the challenge of opening a show to months of sold out performances where it was the most sought after ticket in town to having only a few weeks of sold out performances and a year of inventory to sell. 

Dispelling the perception that a production is totally sold out is a challenge albeit a nice one to have.

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Concurrent Sessions

10:10 - 11:10

Migration: The Musical' - a story of moving ticketing systems across six West End venues with zero downtime

“If moving ticketing system is like having a mountain to climb, then Everest is moving a hundred shows across six venues with a target of zero downtime and an advance matched to the penny.

This case study will explore the ins and outs of a ticketing system migration project; with the goal of providing learnings, tips and takeaways for any organisations who might look to embark on such a project in the future.

We’ll cover:

– Cast & Crew – The people and departments involved and communication.
– Book & Music – The project plan, documentation and timelines.
– Rehearsal – Testing, preparation work and training.
– Opening Night – the go-live.
– Reviews- Change management, retrospectives and learnings.

We’ll share:

– What went well – tips and recommendations for any organisations looking to switch systems.
– What could have gone better – lessons learnt and what both sides would do differently.
– Data – insight into KPIs and meaningful datapoints.
– Actionable takeaways – learnings others can take back to their organisations.”

Making Ticketing and Events Inclusive and Accessible

There’s no inclusion without access, and there’s no accessibility without inclusivity.

Approaching events, ticketing and digital with an understanding of the how the two intersect is essential for supporting users that frequently face barriers in these spaces. In this session we’ll be looking at these intersections and barriers, the impacts they can have, and the changes we can make to improve user and visitor experiences better for everyone.

Ren James
Head of Content & Web Projects, Split Pixel

Ticket Bots: Understanding the Threat & Safeguarding Your Onsales

Bots make up 40% of all traffic to ticketing sites—and this number is on the rise.

They drive up your operational costs, skew analytics, harm loyalty, and make onsales unfair. In this talk, we reveal behind-the-scenes data that shows the scale and sophistication of the bots that populate your onsales.

Join us to discover everything you need to know about ticket bots, how they work, how to spot them, and how to stop them.

Jesper Essendrop
CEO, Queue-It

The Best Tix In Life Are Free (Or Are They?)

Join us for a cosy chat about our favourite topic… tickets! Specifically FREE tickets. We’ll look at free ticket initiatives we have encountered over our careers. Ask what the audience development or commercial aims of them were. And reveal the data behind if they worked or not.

SPOILER ALERT not all of them did! We can promise laughs, learning and the occasional eye roll.

We guarantee you’ll leave this session:

1. Hyped by the opportunities and prepared for the pitfalls of offering free tickets.
2. Inspired to lead with data when creating, implementing, and evaluating success of free ticket initiatives.
3. Equipped to get buy in from senior leaders and your organisation.

The Five Metrics Worth Investing In

In this time of unique buyer behaviors and shifting priorities a new landscape has emerged. How does your team determine where to dig in? There is so much you could be doing at this time, but take a moment together to illuminate your goals through the lens of your data. Explore 5 key metrics from your CRM and ticketing system and how they track against your wider targets, including email engagement, transactions, audience behaviors and more. Together we’ll share actionable ideas, success stories, and essential technologies to improve performance across every communications channel. 

Key Learning #1: Establish the benchmarks that matter most to inform your organisation’s strategy.

Key Learning #2: Explore practices and technologies to measure and improve these key metrics.

Key Learning #3: Compare your organisation’s performance to current sector trends.

Going Offscript: Navigating the challenges of modern audiences

Cheers and jeers, boos and booze, applause and outburst—the meltdown of manners is
creating a storm for venue and theatre managers all over the UK and Ireland.

According to a survey conducted by Ticketsolve, 91.5% of participants have experienced
massive disruptions caused by audience members and 66% of these respondents already
have a policy in place regarding audience etiquette.

Inviting over 350 cultural organisations to contribute, the survey shows the frustration and challenges of managing audience behaviours onsite.

Join us for the big topic of 2024, which will share the results of our survey and where we’ll be
joined by a vast panel of venue managers who are willing to share the good, the bad, and
mainly the ugly when it comes to navigating the challenges of modern audiences.

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Morning Coffee Break

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Concurrent Sessions

1130 - 1230

Making every dollar count

With our potential audiences watching the pennies, we need to ensure every dollar we spend is as effective as possible. Whether on technology or targeting, smart spending is now more important than ever.

In this session Kyle Wright will share the journey Shubert theatres have been travelling, covering the methods and tools, bumps in the roads, the detours, but ultimately the end result of more seats filled, more effective spending and ultimately growing their business.\

This session is not just focused on large organisations but every venue looking to increase their reach, whatever their budget.

Kyle Wright
Senior Director of Business Development, Shubert Ticketing
A middle aged man with short hair and glasses in a dark jacket, smiling and looking at the camera

The Ecosystem of Ticketing Platforms: Integrations, Innovations, and Future Visions

In today’s digital age, the ticketing industry has witnessed a transformative shift, driven largely by the emergence of robust ticketing platforms and the vibrant ecosystem of third-party vendors that surround them.

These vendors craft bespoke functionalities tailored to the unique needs of individual venues and sports teams, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

This session delves deep into the intricacies of this ecosystem, exploring the seamless integration capabilities via APIs and unveiling the myriad of benefits it bestows upon its users.

Ticketing Workforce: An Unrestricted View

How can the ticketing industry increase diversity and inclusion in workforces, ensuring society is represented fully at all levels, especially senior management and board room?

STAR is keen to learn what you think, what is already happening in organisations and discover how we can work together to welcome, celebrate and promote diverse workforces.

Panellists will raise and discuss with you the issues, obstacles and opportunities and encourage you to contribute your own experiences and ideas.

Panellists to follow

Case Study : Dynamic Pricing in the UK featuring Edinburgh International Festival and Somerset House

Edinburgh International Festival and Somerset House about how they have successfully utilised dynamic pricing to enhance revenue growth while remaining accessible to their communities and strengthening the patron/guest experience. Presenters will discuss their experiences and lessons learned related to the implementation and impact of dynamic pricing.

Key Takeaways:

  • How does an automated algorithm-driven dynamic pricing strategy work and what are the key differences vs. other common dynamic pricing methodologies?
  • What are the requirements of implementing an automated dynamic pricing strategy and the potential benefits of doing so?
  • How did patrons respond to the dynamic pricing strategy?
  • Regardless of the methodology utilised, what are some best practices for dynamic pricing?

Enhancing The Theatre Booking Experience: ATG's Integration of Preevue's View-from-Seat

In an era where digital innovation is paramount in enhancing customer experiences, Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) has taken a leap forward in partnership with Preevue, a leading visualisation technology firm, it not only elevates the ticket-buying process but also establishes a new standard in view-from-seat accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Following rigorous AB testing phases over two years, 2023 marked the full-scale deployment of this service across ATG’s group.

In this talk, they will cover:
– The file development and integration process of  3D visualisations into ATG’s ticketing flow.
– Data-driven insights from two years of AB testing and the subsequent full rollout.
– The positive effects on audience booking behaviour and overall satisfaction.
– An exclusive look ahead at the potential evolution of this technology in enhancing the theatregoing experience.

In a world of ticket ballots, why is queueing still the British way?

Whether it’s virtual or in-person, as a nation we regularly see customers trying their hardest to snag the opportunity to attend a special event, be it a stadium gig or an event of national significance.

While those who nab a ticket are thrilled, those who don’t have wasted hours and are left with a sour taste over the process and distrust of our industry. It’s poor for customer service, the data collection opportunities are limited and it generally just makes people think, unfortunately, quite rightly, that ticketing can be stressful and difficult.

Ticket ballots can be a better solution, offering ticket bookers a fairer and less stressful purchasing process and giving marketing teams the data of potential customers, not just those that manage to book. While event promoters might argue that a single on sale ‘moment’ is a better marketing opportunity, it’s definitely a simpler call to action. But who knows best and who calls the shots – box office teams vs. event promoter?

Join our panellists as they share their expertise and experience, showcasing scenarios where a queue was the best solution and situations where a ticket ballot helped achieve targets.

Martin Gallagher-Mitchell

Richard Howle

Ben Curthoys

Niels Sodemann


Lunch is served in the Exhibition Hall, with seating is available in the Tessitura Hub, located in Hall 3. 

Concurrent Sessions

1330 - 1400

How having the right sales team maximizes your show

We are living though a period where staff have become the customers and finding the right sales team is harder than ever. Of course, it’s easier to find the right team if you have a product, or in this case a show your team are passionate about selling. 

Magic Mike certainly has all the right ingredients to attract dynamic, open minded, enthusiastic, and driven staff, particularly amongst women. For them it’s important the message of empowerment transcends across all areas of their business. 

Joanne will talk about what happens when you balance career driven staff with nurturing management, empathy with accountability and how providing the right tools & efficient training can help lead your show to greater and more profitable success.

Joanne McCarthy
Magic Mike Live

Avoiding limitations of legacy systems & monetising the customer booking journey

Have you had personal or even professional frustrations with bad booking systems?  Consumers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to buying online and a poor booking experience can lead to abandoned purchases or poor reviews, ultimately damaging the attraction.

Admissions is one of the first touchpoints customers have with a brand and it should also open the door to more revenue generation opportunities. As a consequence, we are currently seeing the emergence of experience-centric organisations. Organisations in which digitisation, technology platforms, value ecologies and business models will all become means to achieve the unique experiences that customers value.

This workshop will include a co-speaker to detail the pain points experienced by a London Attraction. This combined with commercial pressures to sell more in general, including add-ons and upsells which again, were difficult to achieve when trying to surface to guests using legacy solutions.

Patrick Gray
Chief Sales Officer, Expian

Looking for answers in a data desert: filling in the gaps before and after the online ticket purchase

Optimising the collection of data during a standard ticket purchase journey is mission-critical, but there is a huge missed opportunity by not looking outside of that core path for data points that can fill in the gaps that help grasp the full picture of the audience that’s actually attending your events, as well as understanding existing patrons’ preferences and anticipating their needs.

Join us for a look at how working in partnership with our clients in the US, UK, and Australia, Made Media has developed digital solutions that mine critical data from pre- and post-purchase patron interactions — and even from those not regularly attending in-person events, too — all while providing self-service options, high levels of personalisation and exceptional content experiences.

Michaela Drapes
Head of Strategy, Made Media

Are You A Bot? The Chat Revolution

“Where AI is advancing, and chat bots seem to more common than ever, we will look at how using a chat function can revolutionise your customer service approach.

Discover how instant, human, messaging can enhance customer service and provide real time assistance for people booking on your website.

We’ll delve into case studies highlighting customer satisfaction, reduced wait times, and speak to a mini-panel of users who will share their experiences. 

Retaining and Expanding Audiences by digitizing Young Audiences and fostering a digital word-of-mouth strategy

Leading arts organizations in the U.S. and Europe, including New York City’s Roundabout Theatre Company and the Vienna State Opera, are addressing the challenge of attracting sustained participation from younger and more diverse audiences.

By digitizing young audience programs, flexible memberships, and access models, as well as employing digital word-of-mouth strategies, these organizations aim to bridge the gap with untapped audience segments.

Fostering tools for seamless ticket purchases, social engagement, and compelling content presentations becomes crucial for attracting a diverse audience. Explore their motivations, challenges, and results in developing digital app projects.

Travel Time

Concurrent Sessions

1410 - 1510

Removing Barriers at the Box Office

An opportunity to learn about some of the systems and procedures the Edinburgh International Festival employs to increase the accessibility of the ticket booking process for D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent audiences.

This includes details about their Access Pass initiative – a free membership scheme where audiences can input details about their specific access requirements into a database, meaning they don’t have to explain them each time they book. Joining the Access Pass also enables audiences to book accessible seating options (wheelchair spaces, aisle seats, seats with good sight lines) which are not on general sale.

Callum will be joined by Phil Lofthouse fromTech Lead, All In – Arts Council England

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

Let’s have a conversation about Racism

A look into recent anti-racism conversations at Ambassador Theatre Group followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Structure of session:
1. Opened by Aamar Butt, sharing some personal stories on the topic and contextualising the conversation.
2. Overview from Kelsie Adams on the launch of the ATG programme and what has changed.
3. Interactive sections asking audience to anonymously answer some questions.
4. Open the floor to questions.
5. Summary: what is next for ATG and the ticketing industry?


Universally affordable: Ticketing for benefit recipients

“How would you like to attract tens of thousands of extra visitors or customers, while also diversifying your attendees?

Using real data, this session will bring together a range of experiences to look at how prices aimed at recipients of Universal Credit and other benefits have affected the volume and diversity of audiences in visitor attractions and performing arts organisations.

Some leading visitor attractions are seeing significant uptake of highly discounted tickets for visitors on benefits, what has been the key to their success and are there lessons for other sectors like the performing arts? (How) do you check eligibility? What size of discount motivates attendance? Should large discounts be available online? Are there unexpected impacts and benefits in attracting a more diverse audience?

This session will offer practical takeaways based on real experience, and aims to answer all of these questions. Speakers from attractions and venues who have run successful ticket pricing aimed at the least well off in society will share their tips for success, and the pitfalls experienced along the way.

Robin Cantrill Fenwick
CEO, Baker Richards

Success starts in the box office: How your whole team can drive revenue and enhance audience experience

Box Office teams are the people closest to your audience – but often furthest from your boardroom. Make the most of their impact by empowering every team member to drive revenue, enhance customer experience, and help achieve top-level goals. We would bring together a panel of experts to share proven strategies to establishing a culture of shared success, where everyone’s invited to bring their energy, ideas, and initiative.

Join the conversation, hear some quickfire ideas for motivating teams, managing up, and delivering results from behind the ticket window.

Key Learning #1: Why a collaborative team culture is good for your people, your customers, and your organisation.
Key Learning #2: Approaches to unlock your team’s potential to break down barriers, and build company-wide accountability.
Key Learning #3: What’s working well for arts and cultural organisations already.

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Afternoon Coffee Break

Closing Keynote:

Turning Insight into Impact

Whether your business turns over under £1 million per year or over £100 million success next year is not guaranteed.

The world is constantly changing and that means businesses need professionals who can adapt and get stuff done.

As another TPC comes to an end we know you will be leaving with a wealth of new knowledge. Knowledge that could make a lasting impact in your workplace – but only if you can apply it!

In this closing keynote, Charelle Griffith will challenge us all to look beyond the conference and ask ourselves:

How am I actually going to find time, resources or team buy-in to apply this knowledge and improve my role, my department or the entire organisation?

Charelle Griffiths
Marketing Strategist & Business Mentor
a woman in a yellow jacket sat in front of a book case, looking directly forward

Conference Closing – Farewell to #TPC2024

Updates, news and housekeeping as we close out #TPC2024

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