After more than 24 other sessions, this year’s Ticketing Professionals Conference will be closed with a keynote from local boy turned vice President – Rob Williams of AudienceView. Rob will take a look at why he believes “Failure is not an option”

The Challenge of Finding New Solutions and Innovations

The World of innovation applies as much to the ticketing industry as any other.

We hear the words disruptor and innovator attached to almost every tech firm, product or service.

In his session Rob will look back at predicted industry trends, assess if they were false starts or the start of something amazing, as well as looking forward to innovations and trends our industry must evaluate and prepare for.

Do we need to make sure we try everything new, even if it could or probably will fail, to ensure we remain technologically up-to-date and maximise the efficiencies it may bring ourselves or our customers?

About Rob Williams

Rob Williams is the VP of Product Management at AudienceView, day on day he works with a talented team of Product Owners, Developers, QA, and Product Knowledge professionals to build a suite of products that enable success in todays ticketing landscape.

With 25 years experience in IT and 15 in ticketing, He works to openly demystify technology, and to break stereotypes that surround technical departments by fostering friendly, approachable teams. He has a passion for emergent and disruptive technologies, and the continued integration of social, mobile, and wearable technologies into our daily lives.