As we edge closer to #TPC2018 we caught up with Rachael Easton of Tessitura Network to ask for her top session picks.


Inspiration. Data. Leadership.

These are three themes that really stood out to me while poring over the Ticketing Professionals schedule for 2018. It got me thinking that they are three important pillars of any successful business and that is why the Ticketing Professionals Conference has fast become one of the most relevant and interesting places to discuss ticketing (and much more) in the UK right now.


Following on from last year’s success, this year promises to deliver more sessions showcasing best practice, more panels to help you think outside of the box and challenge the status quo, as well as creating that crucially important “blue sky thinking” space for you to have those networking conversations and new ideas that it’s tricky to find time to generate in our day to day.


My top picks starts off with the opportunity to be inspired by Bill Hogg who will open conference talking about how our we motivate and inspire our teams to ensure we are all part of high performing businesses – what better way to kick it all off?


Secondly, some of you may be aware that I have a passion for using transactional data to inform business decisions, so I am obviously really looking forward to seeing Tim Baker and Debbie Richards. As always, they are on a mission to encourage us to all think about segmentation and pricing as part of our business planning, including practical ways to bring data (and therefore our customers) to the forefront of our business discussions.


Finally, the TPC team have brought together a panel of senior ticketing executives to talk about what is next for ticketing – the challenges and the opportunities. It’s always useful to get outside of your own bubble and mix it up with some opinionated experts, so I hope to see you at the Leadership in Ticketing panel that is being moderated by Maureen Andersen and Dawn Farrow.


It promises to be a fantastic couple of days and I am looking forward to meeting you (if I haven’t already), catching up with you (if I have), sharing ideas and learning more about this wonderful (and sometimes nutty) business of ticketing.