In the latest of session picks from our great Education Panel and moderators, we asked Ken Paul, Business Development Director at Seatgeek Entertainment for the sessions he’s looking forward to.


“What Digital Tickets mean in different Verticals

As a software supplier in different vertical,s this will be one of the most interesting sessions for me. We have customers in performing Arts, Film and very large sports clients. When talking to customers they all have very differing views about what digital means to them. Even within the same city Sports digital can be different for a Rugby Team such as the Leicester Tigers to what it means to their near neighbours Leicester City. Then less than a mile away digital will something completely different to the De Montford Hall.

Implementation a catalyst for change

I am looking forward to this session with Stephen Cripps to hear his perspective on how arts organisations cope with change. With multiple implementations taking place within my own organisation I am interested to hear the challenges he is coming across and if he finds the staff at the venues struggle to cope with a new system or carry on trying to use the new system like the old system, what negatives and what positives the members of the panel have come across.

How web agencies can help you in your hunt for a new ticketing system

This session really interests me as my experience is that there are a lot of web agencies out there that pitch on the basis that they are the experts in the field of ticketing I would like to hear the perspective from their side on the various issues that they come up against.


See you all in Birmingham and come by the SeatGeek stand to say hello!