With #TPC2018 just around the corner we caught up with ticketing consultant John Finn for his top picks.

It’s always a sign that spring is just around the corner when I start trying to work out how on earth I’m going to cram in every session I want to see at TPC. How amazing to have this ticketing industry ‘hive-brain’ gathering like swallows in my home town of Birmingham!

The new season is the perfect time of year to start thinking afresh about what’s going to be important in the industry this year and Rob Williams‘ Closing Keynote ‘Failure is not an Option’ will be a fascinating backward glance and then look ahead at what future innovation may hold for us.

But it’s not all about the tech for me (sorry Rob), that perennial, GDPR, is uppermost in my mind and I’m really looking forward to hearing what Michael Nabarro and Katy Raines have to add to the debate on consent – it promises to be a hot topic at a critical time.

The theme of customer experience is always on my ‘hit list’ and there are number of great sessions to choose from covering all aspects of the subject. I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Lyndsey Jackson leading a stimulating panel debate on The Future of Customer Service.

I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about how, with less and less person to person interactions, organisations need to find ways to express themselves in unique, personal and engaging ways through their digital presence. So I’ll be seeking out Jake Grimley who will be sharing his experiences of how this might work in a re-imagined mobile-first world.

But the key decision, the one that’s keeping me awake is of course the most important one – which delicious gin cocktail will I be opting for this year?

John Finn

Ticketing Consultant