Jamie Wooldridge of Lancaster Arts helped shaped this year’s programme, here are his top sessions to look forward to.

Attending TPC is one of the highlights of my year. It’s enlightening to hear great case studies from within the arts sector and to learn from other sectors such as sport. I always feel inspired and eager to experiment when I return to my desk.


Looking at this year’s schedule I’m very interested in the Face 2 Face Transactions session with Kate, Lorna and April.  In my day job we’re privileged to receive small donations (or round ups) as our customers check out online.  However, we hardly achieve any donations with counter sales. As my budget gets tighter each year, I’m hoping to return to Lancaster with a few experiments to increase our donations both online and in person!


I’m also looking forward to Lyndsey Jackson’s session on The Future of Customer Service, as someone who regularly answers customer questions via our social media channels I’m intrigued by the central question of whether we have to respond immediately or risk reputational damage.