Next up in our sessions picks for #TPC2019 series comes none other than Chief Moderator of every Ticketing Professionals so far, Jamie Snelgrove of Theatre Tokens.

Here are Jamie’s picks!

“Blockchain eh? I still don’t quite understand or trust it, but if anyone can turn me around on this it is Rob Edwards.

Following the Cocktail Hour and a half, and then The Ticketmaster Networking Party, let’s learn why Your Box Office Team is more valuable than your CEO on day two. We all know that is true Sam Biscoe!

Then just what you thought it was safe to go back into the sea, Andrew Sharp on yet more GDPR …..

Finally, on Friday afternoon I can’t believe I have to choose between Ben Curthoys and Chris Crossley. Ben is always fascinating and whilst I don’t always understand everything he tells me, I know I will learn a lot from his talk on The Kano Model. And then Chris will be talking about something I think is crucial – not compromising your brand whilst getting those all-important bums on seats.

Enjoy TPC, everyone!