House Rules and Covid Policy

#TPC2022 Wants to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all attendees

As part of conference planning we have built into our thinking the behaviour we expect of delegates, as well as our measures to keep you as safe as possible against the spread of Covid-19. 

We have also documented here our anti suitcasing / briefcase selling policies for suppliers who are attending, but are not official exhibitors.

We would ask all attendees to read this section and report any unauthorised activity or approaches, in order to help protect the investment made by our supporting organisations. 

Respect, Conduct and Delegate Safety

Since its inception in 2016, TPC has always been a welcoming environment, a safe place for everyone to network, learn, share and socialise.  We expect to see no change in this, we have the same core attendees, from the same industries and backgrounds. We know our delegates share similar values and expectations of behaviour. However, below is a reminder of what we expect of our house rules and policies. 

Offensive Words or Disrespectful Opinions

People at TPC come from different backgrounds and live around the globe. Part of what makes conferences like TPC great, is the exchange of views, ideas and new thinking. We must also consider how our expressed views may make others feel, so would encourage people to think before they speak, either in sessions or in conversation. You may not mean to cause offence or disrespect people, but words can cause great harm.

Delegate Safety & Security

Your personal safety and security is in our thinking. Almost all events are held within the Vox Centre complex and this has on site security and well lit. Most hotels are a short walk across a well lit, secure site. Thursday's evening event is off site and large numbers of delegates will be walking to the train station and returning on the regular train service. We would ask all delegates to be aware of others and encourage others to join their group if they see individuals walking alone.

Report Inappropriate Behaviour

In our pre-conference communications to delegates we will detail the feedback and reporting process to allow individuals to report behaviour to conference staff. We have never had to ask an individual to leave the conference, but this remains a sanction we will use if the action is deemed necessary and suitable for inappropriate behaviour or words.

COVID Policies and Procedures

We have all experienced the last two years and the changing rules of where you live and the impact on society and our day to day lives. As the latest wave subsides over the coming weeks, restrictions will continue to lift. 

After discussing with our host venues and a number of TPC stakeholders and attendees, based on current (11th March) regulations and infection rates in the UK, we will be adopting the following procedures at TPC events in 2022. 

These will, of course, be reviewed and revised if there are significant changes in the situation. 

Daily Lateral Flow Before Attendance

We are asking all attendees to take a lateral flow test each day before attending the conference. Our industry has suffered more than most during the pandemic. A daily test taken by all of us is a great way to prevent an infected / contagious person coming to the conference. We will not be asking for proof, but hope delegates will undertake this small, voluntary, sacrifice to make us all safe.

Masks are a Matter of Choice

Given our request that people conduct a daily test before arrival, along with infection rates and current guidance, neither TPC nor our host venues are enforcing masks to be worn on site, but we respect individuals right to choose. If another attendee is wearing a mask, you may wish to consider wearing yours if you approach them to speak.

Respect Distance / Personal Preference Indicators

Following the success at a conference in January, we are partnering with AudienceView and WhatsOnStage to provide delegates with a choice of colour coded distance preference badges. These will indicate how comfortable you are with closer contact with other delegates, either red happy to chat with some distance' or blue 'Happy for handshakes'

Basic Hand Hygiene

In addition to basic hygiene, we will actively encourage the use of sanitizing stations in and around the venue. You may wish to bring your own gel, but we are sure some suppliers will be actively distributing these.

Report Positive Results, Symptoms or Concerns

We have put in place a reporting tool to allow people to anonymously log positive Covid tests during TPC and up to 7 days after the conference closes.

All registered delegates will be emailed a unique code on 14th March to be used when completing a Covid report. This allows us to be sure reports are from genuine conference attendees.

Ticketing Professionals Ltd has list of the codes issued but these are not linked back to an individuals record, to maintain the confidential nature of reporting. If, however, people wish to give their details, to aid with track and trace, they will be able to do so.

Anti Suitcasing Policy / 'Briefcase Sales' - Non Exhibiting Delegates

Since its inception TPC has enjoyed great support from our sponsors and exhibitors. Their financial support subsidises much of the costs that TPC incurs, from venue hire, great social events, quality food and substantially reduced registration prices. 

Their investment in what we do allows them to present and propose their solutions to other delegates, whether they are venues or other suppliers.

Only officially badged sponsors or exhibitors may undertake sales activity on the TPC site or at TPC events, this includes


Giving Product Demonstrations

You may not give software or other demonstrations of solutions or products

Soliciting Orders

Actively move between vendors or delegates asking them to sign up for orders or actively offering pricing or incentives

Distributing Materials

Handing out or placing marketing materials around the site

Foreground Products in Q&A's or Sessions

Using interactive sections of the education programme to announce or foreground your products or services.

We do understand that TPC is all about networking and we actively encourage all delegates to talk, share and engage. Activity that we do not class as briefcase selling includes 

Meeting new contacts and seeking out new connections

Conferences are a great setting to make new connections through conversation and engagement

Explaining what your company does and with who you do it

This is encourage as part of conversation and introducing yourself to others

Exchanging business cards or contact details

We know that contacts made at conferences go on to be prospects or customers so encourage keeping in touch