First Sessions Booked for #TPC2018

After an amazing call for papers, which saw over 60 proposals put forward by members of the ticketing and technology industry, we are delighted to announce the first round of sessions picked by the Education Panel.

It was a difficult task, but we hope you find the mix of subject matter, themes and speakers an exciting and forward thinking programme to look forward to in 2018.

Selected Sessions for #TPC2018

The Future of Customer Service

What does technology mean for the future of customer services and ticketing?  What is a chat bot and will they take over our box offices? Has social media changed the expectations of customers – do we have to respond immediately or risk reputation damage?  Join a panel of experts  as we debate the future of customer services and if the robots really will solve all of customer service needs.


Does your organisation have trust issues?

Listening to your staff increases engagement with your customers. Box Office can often feel isolated, separated, usually physically apart from other functions. Different working hours. Those on the front-line, your box office staff, are not given an opportunity to help shape the business and they should, they know the customers better than anyone else, better than an online report, can tell you when customers book and what they like and dislike.


Re-imagining the mobile first experience

The subtitle of this session could be ‘slaughtering sacred cows’. If we forgot everything we think we knew about buying tickets online, what sort of mobile experience would we create?

  • It’s usually two tickets. Can you pre-fill two and make it easy to change?
  • You can default to the first available night too. I’ll search if that doesn’t work for me.
  • No need to log me in. Facebook has my details.

In this session we’ll talk about our experiences of designing mobile experiences, what we’ve learnt, and what we’d do differently if we did it again.

The ‘Value’ of Queuing

Is a queue ALWAYS a bad thing? Does a fast moving queue draw people in towards attractions? If our in take capacity is limited by sales positions, how can we transact in the queue itself? This session will combine tips, tricks and experiences of a top central London attraction and how they have harnessed technology and the queue to gain significant advantages from their queue.

Improving the in-venue customer experience using the physical web

The physical web enables people to interact with any object that is transmitting using a beacon. The slight evolution now is that people don’t need to install an app to interact, mobile browsers are starting to work with these beacons. And it’s going to become easier over the coming years.

In the session, I’ll talk about ways people are starting to use the physical web and then we’ll break into groups and create future venue plans with ideas around the way the physical web could be integrated.


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All Sessions are provisional and subject to change.