In our series focusing on the sessions people are looking forward to at #TPC2018 – we asked another one of this year’s moderators – Nadine Ishani. Here’s what she picked out.

Where to start? There’s just so much to choose from!
Blockchain is something I haven’t got my head around yet so that session would be fairly high on my list. I always find it easier to understand things when there’s a tangible benefit associated with them.
I think Martin Gammeltoft‘s session on combining data sources would pair nicely with Tim Baker‘s session on segmentation. Lots of organisations have numerous systems in place with silo-ed details. Integrating those systems and combining that data gives you a better picture of how your customers interact with you. With upcoming changes to GDPR, it should also help organisations ensure compliance long term.
Speaking of GDPR, I’m interested to find out more about how Michael Nabarro and Katy Raines feel the sector can process data under legitimate interests.
Having worked on dozens of online ticketing integrations over the years, I’m intrigued to hear from Chris Crossley about frictionless ticket sales. And as the mobile web and online ticket sales grow, I’m interested to know more about Ticketmaster’s use of paperless ticketing for Hamilton.

Make sure you catch these sessions at  #TPC2018

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