Every year we ask our hardy group of moderators and members of our Educational Panel ( the  superb folk who pick the sessions for each TPC) for their ‘Session Picks’ )

First off the bat in 2019 is Dee Ishani from Made Media, who just could not decide what were her top two sessions…… so she picked five instead! 

“My session picks…. There’s so much to choose from and the best I can do is give you a top five.

Ditch Discount Codes – Sell Out without being a Sell-out: in my experience, discounting often comes about out of panic but Chris Crossley and his team have been looking at how you can plan ahead and use different tools to reduce that last minute panic and make sure that you sell your tickets without undervaluing the creative 

How web agencies can help with your hunt for a ticketing system: as more and more ticket sales move online, it’s increasingly important to make the most of the skills that you have at your disposal. Your web agency has a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can tap into. This panel will help you understand how they can do this for you.

Customer service by social media: This session clashes with the one above which is a shame but you can’t have everything folks! Having recently spent some time working in the charity sector with a team who deliver excellent support and customer service, I’m interested to hear ideas about how the events world can take advantage of social media as a tool to build relationships with customers as well.

Ticketing without barriers: it’s all very well making sure that our buildings are accessible but how do we make sure that we’re selling tickets in an accessible way? With more and more tickets being sold online, it’s imperative that we don’t fall at that first hurdle.

Digital Discovery – Making your event stand out in a crowded marketplace: Finally, don’t miss my colleague, James Baggaley, talking about different technologies and tools that are at our disposal to help you find your people and sell your event. 

See you at TPC2019!