Over the last few months before each Ticketing Professionals, we get people’s highlights and their most anticipated sessions.

In our final set of picks for #TPC2019 – Conference Director, Andrew Thomas shares his.

Distinct Advantage

I do have a considerable advantage as some of the great sessions we have booked, I have already seen. Curation of TPC is a continuous process and I am always noting down great speakers and content, as much as 18 months out from the conference it appears at, some of my favourite ones we have at TPC2019 are;

Introduction to Consumer Psychology (Thursday 16:45- 18:00)

I first saw Debbie’s session in a packed room at the Spektrix conference in November. It was so popular I think they repeated it twice! Many of you may be familiar with Baker Richards and their work in pricing, but this is a very special session, even if you are not ‘into’ dynamic pricing, it really does open eyes to some simple, yet effective strategies you could well adopt.

Why you can’t sell out in 2 mins (Thursday 11:50 – 12:50)

This session has evolved from an inspiration stage 20 minute piece at INTIX in New Orleans in 2017 – it’s so good I have seen it three times in total I believe. Niels is one of those speakers, who even though from a supplier, manages to talk at the conceptual issue and not try and sell stuff, catch it if you can.

How Dynamic Pricing Strategies can impact….. (Thursday 11:50 – 12:50)

Argghh! First clash. Fear not – TPC2020 will give us more room and ability to run repeats to stop this kind of thing! Greg, and hopefully his colleague Harry Tomesides provide a great insight into some of the superb work Digonex has been doing, both in arts and attractions, with some AUTOMATED pricing tools – scared? Don’t be, there are some smart brains behind it all. If you miss the session catch them in Hall 10 for a chat!

Things I want to see

Of course, there is SO MUCH content that will get its first airing at TPC, or that I have not yet seen. My top three sessions I want to catch are

Chicken & Egg – Should the ticketing system control the website or vice versa? (Friday 9:45 – 10:15)

This is going to be a marmite session I am guessing, depending on your job title, you are gonna be 95% egg or 95% chicken. Coen is a great advocate for us ceding control to the web, after all, it handles ….. 60, 70, or even 80% + of our sales, right?  I have seen parts of the discussion, but not the final presentation, so I’ll be there

How web agencies and consultants can help your hunt for a ticketing system (Friday 11:45 – 12:45

I’d like to think I know a little bit about this, but the whole point of coming to conferences is to get that different view or way of working. Now, I also want to catch Ian Taylor’s TPC debut at the same time, so I think I’ll be hopping rooms, whilst trying not to join in with this great session from Kate and her panel.

The Kano Model (Friday 14:00-15:00)

I am a huge fan of Ben Curthoys and his Monad system. For my money, it is one of the smartest pieces of (technical) design I have seen in the last decade (catch Monad in Hall 9 BTW). Having worked with Ben on a number of projects I have often wondered how he decides what to do next. I’ll guess I’ll find out here. This is not a technical session, so hopefully, see you there.


Of course if none of these float YOUR boat – make sure you put a paper in for #TPC2020 – it’s all about the content!

See you all in Birmingham, er….. in two weeks time!