We are delighted to announce the exhibition Hall for #TPC2017 is now completely sold out.

Our final main stand position was secured by TixTrack and we look forward to them joining us in Birmingham next March.

TixTrack join 12 other organisations that will be exhibiting in the main hall, we thank them all for their support.


Stand Number Company
1 TLS Boca Systems
2 TopTix
3 TopTix
4 PayPal
5 Tessitura
6 Spektrix
7 Activity Stream
8 Tickets.com
9 Stimare
10 Syx Automations
11 TixTrack
12 Monad
13 Booking Protect
14 AudienceView


About TixTrack


Mobile-first Ticketing, Analytics and Dynamic Pricing

TixTrack launched in ’09 with TTP, an innovative data warehousing and analytics product that has secured 100+ US clients from Sports stadia and arenas to touring Producers, Broadway theatres and marketing agencies. TTP enjoys a 98% client retention rate, including major organisations such as Feld Entertainment, Cirque du Soleil and Nederlander Theaters, who collectively analyse over £2bn worth of tickets p.a.


TixTrack expanded into Dynamic Pricing and offers four modules that rise in complexity from basic Price Analysis and tracking, to Demand-based Pricing, Sales Velocity-based Pricing, and on to a sophisticated client-configurable Predictive Analysis tool.


In parallel, TixTrack have developed Nliven, a pioneering mobile-first, API-based ticketing system, built on a modern, robust and scaleable platform. Nliven incorporates innovative Virtual Reality ‘view-from-seat’ technology and is built using the latest, proven tools from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Tableau and Sift Science. Nliven is entirely cloud-based and has been deployed in a live environment (Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas) for over one year – selling over $100m of tickets, to date.