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1A – Beyond Compliance: Technology + Diversity

Hall 10a 16th March 2017 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

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Kyle Wright


How can I go above and beyond to be welcoming and hospitable to all my customers, regardless of background, age or ability – How can I go beyond just ‘compliance’?

The answer, perhaps not surprisingly, can be found in technology… new technology that is affordable, easy to implement, and already in the hands of 99.9% of your audiences.


The Shubert Organization – owning 17 Broadway Theatres, and 6 Off-Broadway Stages – will present their one year journey in providing comprehensive on-demand services for the ESL (English as a second language), non-English speaking audiences, deaf/hard-of- hearing community and vision impaired patrons. Accelerating a Tel Aviv based startup, The Shubert Organization was able to bring together new vocal recognition technology and merge it with legacy sound boards, light boards, and MIDI & MADI cues to provide a multi-service app available on android and IOS. Rolling out across all of the Shubert’s theatrical holdings, this app represents the first comprehensive solution to the ongoing need for fully embracing the ever-more diverse audiences arriving on Broadway.

In this session you will hear the process of developing and introducing a phone-based solution in a strictly no-phone environment. Additionally, Shubert will cover their testing process and the experience bringing members of this disparate communities together to help better develop a product that would be useful as well as cost-effective.


KYLE WRIGHT, Sr. Interactive Marketing and Analytics Manager at The Shubert Organization in New York and returns to TPC2017 following feedback from TPC2016 which delegates awarded him a ‘must get back’ status.


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