The last of the popular mini-exhibition stands has been claimed by the Virtual waiting room service Queue-it.

Queue-it will be joined with other commercial and membership organisations, looking to engage with the UK and Europe’s ticketing professionals.

2017 Mini Exhibition Stand Holders

JM Marketing Ltd
Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers
Event Protect
Best Union / Enta Ticketing Systems


About Queue-it


Queue-it is a virtual waiting room system designed to manage website overload during extreme end-user peaks, such as high volume ticket onsales. Queue-it can help ticket companies and venues with onsales, including in-house solutions and white-label platforms. Queue-it is a SaaS solution and can be applied to help even the best online ticketing system for individual planned onsales, or full-time on your ticketing system to protect it against unplanned inflow 24/7.
UK ticketing


Enterprises use Queue-it to:

•        Provide a fair and transparent experience – A first-come-first-serve waiting line is the fairest, most logical method to service customers pursuing the same high-demand product.

•        Target the bottlenecks – Control traffic at the page level to target the bottlenecks where peak traffic is occurring

•        Integrate quickly and easily – Leave your DNS setup and security concerns behind while you implement within minutes with Javascript at the page level

•        Invest more effectively – Save resources and investment by avoiding the traditional means of scaling capacity that are expensive, full-of-commitment, and do not eliminate complexity or risk.

•        Uphold brand reputation – Reinforce brand equity by providing a first-class online experience.


By adding Queue-it to your website, end-users exceeding your website capacity limits are offloaded to the queue system. When an end-user is transferred to Queue-it, they are assigned a unique place in the queue with a queue number. Queue-it continuously updates individual users with information about their place in the queue as well as expected time to be served. As capacity opens up, Queue-it redirects the end-users who waited in line back to your website in the correct, sequential order and pace. The volume and pace of user inflow to your website is managed dynamically in the browser-based self-service console.

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