In our latest pre-conference programme preview – we asked President and CEO of the International Ticketing Association (INTIX)Maureen Andersen for her session picks for #TPC2017

There is nothing I like better than gathering with my “tribe” to have an engaged, vigorous and animated conversation about the ticketing business and our industry.  It fuels my creativity, it keeps my brain engaged and working, is an inspiration and helps remind of why I enjoy this crazy business, this show business.  Thank you, Andrew, and TPC for not only including INTIX and me in your program but for letting me highlight and share with you all what will be my self-curated of “don’t miss” at the TPC in a few short weeks.  So, to it and in no particular order except by day:

We Were Promised Jetpacks” Keynote

I love the title of this and I want my jetpack.  We all know that we have tech overload and service issues and I am hopeful that Mr. Sullivan will address these but also give us collectively solutions to help move us from the ditch we are on.  I am a big fan of keynotes that provide tools and best practices to a hungry audience.

Beyond Compliance:  Technology + Diversity

Kyle Wright from the Shubert’s and Telecharge in NYC is always one of my MUST SEE’s at any conference.  Kyle always “gives good presentation” with concrete solutions to real world problems that we in this profession grapple with.  He is a dynamic speaker, funny and animated, and I always walk away from his presentations with a lot of notes and ideas and inspired to add new technology.

Practical Security for Venues & the Entertainment Sect

Truly the topic that transcends all borders and is paramount for us to know as much as we can and to learn as much as we can and to do whatever we can.  Safety and security knows no boundaries and we are all linked deeply in our cyberworld.  I must always go to these sessions.

The Next Generation of Ticketing Professionals

Well, this is a must for me, isn’t it?  As part of my leadership mandate as well as being deeply imbedded in the mission, values and strategic plan of INTIX is the concept of credentialing for the entertainment ticketing professionals.  I am going to be sitting in the front row Mr. Quekett, and I can’t wait to hear your vision and get the update.  How do we cross international borders to do this and can we partner will be my first question to you from the audience?

The Mobile Mandate:  What is it and Why Should You Care

I am an immigrant to technology by virtue of an age marker however I am truly NEVER without my mobile device in my hand, pocket or handbag.  I always in search of the next “mobile moment” that will enhance my life but that will be fresh and news.  I am ready to molded, bring it Oliver!

The API – What Next For our 3 Favourite Letters?

Ok, Ash, you are tantalizingly brief in your programme description.  This can go in so many different directions and I’m strongly curious where this will center.  Our 3 little letter friends can be all too elusive and is a very large topic.

Closing Keynote – The Future is Live!

Ok, the magic words all woven into one keynote speech:  consumption, metabolism, experience and magic.  Wouldn’t miss it!