As we get ever closer to the first Ticketing Professionals Conference, we caught up with Jamie Snelgrove who serves on our Executive Board and is also head of Revenues at SEE Tickets and asked him to pick the two sessions he was looking forward to most at #TPC2016. These are Jamie’s session picks –

Reducing Web Basket Abandonment. If customers don’t complete their purchase, it is clearly a missed opportunity for revenue, I can’t wait to hear Ed Auden talk about this and how technology can help us reduce this loss. Hoping to take some concrete action points from this to take back to work after the conference.


The Increasing Role of Revenue Management. Obviously the session I am going to be most looking forward to! It can have a considerable impact on ticket revenue, but is the theatre industry at large ready to fully embrace dynamic pricing? Can’t wait to see how what I do compares to others …


Which of our 24 sessions are you most looking forward to? Do let us know.