With just 8 weeks to go until the 2017 Ticketing Professionals Conference, we caught up with Jamie Snelgrove, who helped shape this years’ programme, which sessions were on his list to attend in Birmingham.

‘Well I will be packing a lot into TPC this year, helping as an organiser as well as representing my company (Toptix) in the exhibition hall. In between all that (and the networking of course!) I want to pack as many sessions in as possible, it’s just a shame that there are always a few that run in parallel.

First of all, in my experience working with visitor attractions, we need as an industry to get better at sales. Great software is only as good as the front end users operating it and the skills they have, so I am really looking forward to Building and Measuring an Effective Sales Team – I’ve heard great things about talks given by Yasmina Khan and this should have some key takeaways for delegates.

Anything with Dave Wakeman – the Revenue Architect – I know his session has not yes been announced but the two possible ones I’ve seen a sneak preview of are going to bring some new ideas and ways of thinking from across the ocean. We all know the pressures both the commercial and non-profit sectors are under. Those few extra pounds people could be making per transaction could have huge impacts of some of the business I deal with on a daily basis.

Friday mornings ‘lite’ sessions are a good chance for lots of content in a short time, to get the brain woken up

Ben Parks and Andrew Thomas’ Do we need to ‘lose’ functionality? Will be interesting, not least I am looking forward to a clash of cultures in the room on this one.

We will have heard a lot of session on Thursday about helping people progress through the web flow, but the checkout is that final hurdle, so I am more than a little curious on the sessionThe checkout is changing’ – excited to see some real life examples of how venues know how to offer the correct extra items at the right time.

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