We are delighted to announce that the fabulous Maureen Andersen, the newly appointed President and CEO of the International Ticketing Association (INTIX) has joined the growing list of confirmed speakers for Ticketing Professionals Conference next March.

Maureen has 35+ years of experience spanning not-for-profit, commercial arts, Broadway, regional ticketing, performing arts and colleges.

She has experience that spans the ticket office, call centers, season tickets, group sales, marketing, fundraising and management. Prior to joining INTIX Maureen had a rich career including VP of Arts & Entertainment at AudienceView, INTIX’s interim President, Senior Business Consultant at Spectra and spent 23 years with The Denver Center for the Performing Arts as Director of Ticketing Services.

Maureen is a 30+ year INTIX veteran with 18 years on its board including three stints as Chair.

Maureen has hosted five conferences and is a frequent speaker at Industry conferences, seminars and workshops. She has won several high-profile awards from INTIX, FutureTix, AudienceView and NJC.

Maureen will reunite with former colleagues from AudienceView to present a session on Micro-Moments in purchasing flows. She will also be contributing to the International Trends sessions, along with guests from a variety of countries represented at #TPC2017