So how are you going to get the most out of the inaugural Ticketing Professionals Conference?

Firstly welcome. We’re hoping we will have a productive and educational two days in England’s second city. There are so many things going on it’s important for you to plot your course and determine what sessions you want to attend in advance.

Remember we have numerous concurrent sessions, so there should always be something that you will find interesting and useful. Make sure you spend plenty of time in the exhibition hall between sessions, and don’t forget to build networking events and other social gatherings into your schedule!

#TPC2016 is a great opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and learn alongside others in similar roles in the arts, sports, arenas and festivals, ticket agents, entertainment management and marketing.

Don’t feel the need to stick close to friends and colleagues, make sure you invest time in meeting new people, some who may work in other areas of ticketing, or in different fields to you. You will end up making new contacts and being exposed to new ideas, so don’t forget your business cards.

As much as we like to think we are indispensable to our teams and companies, they can live without us for a few days. Plan your time before your trip so that while you’re away, you can stay away and make the most of the conference.

Relax, enjoy yourself and remember – it’s a marathon and not a sprint so pace yourself and stay hydrated!

–Jamie Snelgrove, Head of Revenue at SEE Tickets and #TCP2016 Board Member