Following on from the draft programme release, we can announce our first four speakers for #TPC2017.

Our first four speakers will be tackling issues around rethinking our revenue streams and strategies. No-one can doubt revenues will be at hot topic in 2017, as it was earlier this year. The full list of 2017 speakers will be continually updated here


Julie Aldridge, Currently Executive Director at the Arts Marketing Association

Julie Aldridge is currently the executive director at the AMA, Arts Marketing Association, where she works with an amazing team to support and enable arts professionals to have a greater impact for their organisations and their audiences.

In January 2017, she will be leaving the AMA after 17 great years to set up as an independent consultant specialising in marketing strategy, business planning, membership and organisational development.

Julie will be tackling the question “Do we need to get more creative with our memberships?” – looking at examples of organisation that have revitalised old and stale offerings with new innovation and bundled items. 


Stephen Skrypec, Head of Communications, New Wolsey Theatre

Stephen Skrypec is currently Head of Communications at the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich. He has worked at three major venues in the UK including the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London’s West End and the Library Theatre in Manchester. His corporate experience includes two years with Virgin Atlantic at Heathrow Airport as a Customer Service Manager.


Lindsay Anderson, Vice President of Client Development, TRG Arts

Lindsay Anderson has been a member of TRG Arts’ senior consulting team since 2007.

Currently, she leads TRG’s client development team, matching future TRG clients with the solutions that will help them best build sustainable revenue and patron loyalty.

Stephen and Lindsay will co-present the session “New Audiences or Reducing Churn” – A journey for one venue asking itself the question “if we opened today, knowing what we know now, how would this focus on the shifting business opportunities and organisational culture.


David Reece, Director of Consulting, Baker Richards

Since joining Baker Richards in 2009, David has gained extensive experience in handling a wide range of projects including for Glyndebourne Opera, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Royal Danish Theatre.

David will present a session on the theory of value fencing – how can we protect the value of elements of packages, season tickets and subscriptions, ensuring we deliver great value to package holders, without continually reducing price. David will be joined by a speaker with a case study on a major US venue and their journey to broaden package appeal without a race to the bottom in ticket prices.