How often do your box office staff get calls about “the website”? When customers have issues with navigation, seat selection or payment, how can we capture this, along with browser, device and all the other factors that may be in play? We are delighted to welcome Sam Menter to #TPC2017 to look at the issues and the solutions to online friction.

In this session we will look at practical tools and techniques anyone can use to understand customer behaviour and uncover friction points and barriers in the path to purchase for their site.

We’ll look at ways the to remove these barriers and increase the number of people who make it through your checkout.

You’ll come away with a list of ideas and activities that will help you:

– Understand the way your customers want to buy from you
– Understand ways to identify anything that might be stopping them buying or reducing their confidence
– Understand practical ways you may be able to improve the customer journey and increase conversion and sales

The session will be led by Sam Menter who runs a boutique consultancy – Mace & Menter specialising in evidence-based design for digital services.

Sam has led customer research and interaction design on BIMA and BAFTA award winning projects. Clients include See Tickets, Gov UK, Scope and the BBC.

Prior to co-founding Mace & Menter, Sam worked in-house at the BBC, at in start-up mode and consulted at some of the UK’s best design consultancies.