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We’re excited to be a sponsor for the Ticketing Professionals Conference. Innovation in ticketing is the key to driving success in our sector, so we can’t wait to catch up with you all and to talk about where ticketing is heading next. We especially want to discuss how best to equip the leaders of tomorrow with insights into audience data across every point of contact, and how technology should help organisations and venues deliver the ultimate customer experience. In the meantime, the Spektrix team regularly share ideas on all things ticketing and marketing on our blog. Get involved in the conversation at www.spektrix.com/blog

About us

Our mission is to provide arts organisations with the best possible chance of success in ticketing, marketing and fundraising, which we do through our cloud-based technology and support services. Our team of 60 work with over 250 clients in the UK and North America, mainly from our London office, with teams in Manchester and New York too.



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