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Monad Software began development in 2009 with a mission to “do ticketing right” by designing a system from scratch based on the needs of a modern box office today.

Monad Ticketing has online sales at its core                          

  • Web based
  • Offered as a service
  • Quick and easy sales functions
  • Customers can self serve online
  • Automatic discount calculations
  • Reduced staff training requirements


Dynamic Pricing                                          
Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is a feature in Monad Ticketing whereby system administrators can set up to 3 different dynamic models;

a. Rising prices, where prices rise over time starting at a % below your standard price and slowly rising to % higher than the standard price, configurable by you

b. Moving prices that move above or below your standard price based on your sales expectation

c. Price crash, standard prices are reduced by a set % chosen by you and for a time duration of your choice Once defined the dynamic price model will run automatically, updating prices as and when purchasing behaviour changes according to the rules set.

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