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Advanced ticketing, marketing and CRM solution

Stand: 5
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Best Union UK Ltd
9 Bonhill Street
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+44 (0)207 4485900

In existence since 1998, enta has an unrivalled level of experience and expertise in the application and delivery of ticketing technologies.

With a heritage in West End theatre and the performing arts, the system is designed to support a diversity of commercial, marketing or operational requirements within a venue environment; whether it be a stand-alone venue or, as one part of a wider group of venues.

By way of utilising core enta technologies, organisations acquire a technologically advanced ticketing, marketing and CRM solution; with the ability to integrate to third party technologies via Application Programme Interface (API) or XML feeds.

enta Ticketing Solutions has seen significant investment in its people, products and technology in recent years. From territorial licensee to global licensor, enta continues to be the ‘system of choice’ for leading arts and cultural organisations; both nationally and internationally. Visit us at stand 5 to understand why.

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