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Consumers love to be entertained.  They trade a comfy couch for the bleachers, eagerly await the dimming of the lights and rising curtain, and are ready to rock well before their favourite band hits the stage!

With AudienceView’s innovative, engaging software, more than 550 venues in 15 countries have the power to deliver great shopping, in-venue and overall customer experiences.

• Customer interactions and engagement flow naturally. They don’t simply begin and end on the day of the big game or performance.

• Knowing customers and making suggestions based on their personal preferences has never been easier.

• Plus, you can simplify business processes to keep your entire team highly productive and efficient.

AudienceView’s technology makes it possible for any type of organization to put fans and patrons first without losing site of the bottom line.

Here are just two examples of the types of customer journeys you can power with AudienceView as your technology partner.

ARTS: Create loyal patrons and engage with them before, during and after the show.

SPORTS: Make your biggest fans feel appreciated and get them out to games they hadn’t originally planned to attend.

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