The 2017 Ticketing Professionals speaker and sessions list is coming along nicely. In addition to the submissions currently being accepted online, there is also a core of curated sessions planned.

These will cover the four main learning strands, Revenues, Compliance and Regulation, Management and Leadership, along with Technology.

Feedback from the 2016 delegates told us that people wanted more real world case studies in 2017  and slightly less theory, so we have built that into the outline programme and eagerly await to see what the submission process brings.

We are actively seeking a number of volunteers from the sector who can review and refine the 2017 sessions, to ensure we have a balance of entry level, intermediate and advanced sessions, as well as catering for the different venues and organisations that we are already expecting.

It’s not challenging or a massive time commitment, you simply need to contribute to our online collaboration area on Trello and give your opinions, suggest some new ideas, different approaches or identify possible speakers to help deliver some of the 2017 sessions.

In addition to being recognized as a contributor to #TPC2017, you’ll also be eligible for a delegate discounted place.

What are you waiting for? Drop us a line.

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