Social Booking Company are confirmed as the first speaker at TPC Express in July.

CEO Eddie Robb will look to how social media booking is helping many verticals, including entertainment increase revenues.


Make It Social

Socialising Your Booking Flow: Increase revenues and reduce costs by modernising your approach to groups.
The checkout flow hasn’t seen a dramatic face lift since its formation. Yes it’s been optimised for quicker slicker singular checkout, but is that really what we need? More often than not, what we’re selling to the consumer is enjoyed with one or more friend/family member by their side… yet the checkout flow isn’t optimised for this. Make it Social has worked to provide technology that socialises the checkout flow. In doing so you’ll be able to attract a new demographic of millennials and reduce your cost of sales.
Eddie Robb

Make it Social CEO – Eddie Robb

Eddie is the founder and CEO of Make it Social, a social ticketing API solution providing startup.

Eddie’s fundamental beliefs are that purchasing experiences with a group of friends is far too painful. The way in which the world is now ‘socially’ connected should be aiding our purchase experience, currently it is in fact making it more complicated. There’s additional money to be spent and days to be enjoyed doing things with friends but the complexities are stopping them from happening.

Make it Social is enjoying success within ticketing as well as the travel industry and has integrated with a number of major platforms to date.

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