We asked Executive Board member and Head of Ticketing and Supporter Services at Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club, Jenny Gower to pick the two sessions she was looking forward to most at #TPC2016

On Thursday she picked out Who’s sitting in your seats?   “How many hands do tickets pass through?  We cannot lose sight of the importance of communicating to the end consumer and getting our data right.  If we are to Maximise attendance and revenues we need to focus our efforts.  This session should resonate with any ticketing professional who has an interest in data and marketing strategy.”


Her Friday pick was Re-imagining the visitor experience.  “I am looking forward to gaining an insight in to what an iconic venue is doing to deliver an exceptional visitor experience, and to ask that question what would you do if you could start all over again?  I am hoping it will be a refreshing look at what our visitors/supporters want and expect from our venues and what will keep them coming back.”


What are your stand out sessions? Check out the latest programme here