As an organising committee we are trying to keep costs as low as possible for attendees, to make the event as accessible as possible.

We are acutely aware that, regardless of your venue type, that budgets for travel and training can be hard to gain access to or be approved. So we sat down and wrote out some reasons of how WE believe that TPC2016 will offer excellent value for money, be a productive use of your time and give direct benefits to your business.

Feel free to copy the text below into your own internal justification letters or business case.



Ticketing Professionals Conference 2016

I am writing to set out the business case for {Insert attendee name} to attend the Ticketing Professionals Conference at the ICC in Birmingham on 25/26th February 2016.

Ticketing brings together many core skills in our industry, technologies and regulations, which all combine to help us maintain an efficient operation.

It is vital for {insert venue} that we continue to invest in our staff development, to make sure we are remaining compliant with the latest consumer regulations, achieving the greatest possible return on investment from our technology and employing the latest techniques to maximise our efficiencies within the ticketing department.

The conference is designed as a learning and development environment exclusively for ticketing professionals such as myself/{name of colleague} and as such it is ideal for achieving some of the objectives above.

Running over two days in Birmingham, the registration for 24 sessions is £345, a return train ticket can be secured for {insert advance ticket price}, with a budget hotel room for the night of the 25th February costing from as little at £60, if booked in advance. This provides a cost of just over {£405 plus train fare} for us to be represented and learn from the large number of lectures, and masterclasses that will be held across the two days.

These costs could be met from

  • the result of just one extra group sale, coming from the seminar “how to kick start your group sales” – being given by a speaker from the Ambassador Theatre Group
  • avoiding either litigation or fine from failing with keep our ticketing operation fully inclusive, in line with the Equality Act, to be discussed in the session “Making your Ticketing Operation Truly inclusive”
  • amending wording and items on our website to reduce our basket abandonment rate. Just {500 / your average order value} baskets that we get to complete would meet the cost of my attendance. This will be covered at the session REDUCING WEB BASKET ABANDONMENT

In short, from only a handful of sessions on offer, we could recoup / save more than three times the costs of {insert attendee’s name} attendance.

I sincerely believe that it is a productive use of time and will directly lead to quantifiable benefits to our business, as such I do hope you can authorise the expenditure.