We are pleased to announce two more speakers to our educational programme which is shaping up to be a packed agenda for ticketing and marketing professionals. Please meet Nadine from Tincan and Libby from Spektrix.

Nadine Ishani, Digital Projects Manager, Tincan

“Do I need to bash heads together? How to get the best out of your ticket vendor and web agency”

As well as there being several key touch points (literally on screen but also in any project – e.g. in the schedule etc) there’s a host of ‘unknowns’ for organisations when it comes to understanding not just how a ticketing system and website work together but more importantly how to get the best out of the two of them – the level of integration that’s possible, what makes it efficient (i.e. less costly) etc. Nadine Will pick away at the common mistakes and how to avoid them when reworking your online sales channels.

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Libby Penn 200Libby Penn, Managing Director, Spektrix Ltd

“The 7 Principles of CRM”

CRM strategies have started trickling into the arts, like basket offers, customer recommendations and loyalty schemes. While there’s nothing wrong with this, those isolated mechanisms do not form a customer relationship management strategy.

So what does? Customer relationship management is basically a system for managing lots of personalised micro-interactions with customers at every stage of their engagement with your organisation. But for a good customer relationship management strategy to succeed, it also needs to stick to 7 key principles. We’ll explore what these are and what they mean to implement in practice, sharing case studies along the way.

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More speaker announcements to come, plus an exciting call for papers, to allow you to get involved in #TPC2016.