It’s hard to get time out of the office to develop, network and learn about the latest trends, technology and best practice in the Ticketing Industry.

How can you justify your registration and attendance at Ticketing Professionals 2016?

As an Executive Panel that have attended and spoken at conferences around the World, here are the top five reasons we believe you should be at #TPC2016

  • Connect with industry colleagues, leaders and thinkers

Ticketing Professionals 2016 brings together practitioners, suppliers and some of the UK’s leading agencies and consultants into one place of learning. The ethos of Ticketing Professionals is to help current and future generations of staff in our industry learn and progress, to the benefit of themselves, their venue/organisation and the industry. No question is too silly, no venue too small, no staff too inexperienced. At TPC16 you’ll find hundreds of professionals just like you, willing to connect, learn and share.


  • Gain knowledge to take back to your venue and team

Learning and developing is great, but what will I be able to do with the new contacts and knowledge I gain? The answer is simple, you will be able to go back to your venue or organisation and put that into practice or plan for change. Whether it’s implementing best practice in data protection, introducing Dynamic Pricing or working smarter with technology to achieve your goals, TPC16 is the conference that can kick start the progression of you and your organisation.


  • Share your ideas and knowledge with your industry peers

With all this talk of ticketing, is TPC16 just a place to listen and learn? No, the whole focus of a professional development conference is for us all to share our experiences, knowledge and opinions. Whether you ticket Shakespeare in a cave, Pro Sports or Airshows, you have a wealth of experience that others would love to hear about, stories to share and discussions to contribute to. TPC16 will welcome new faces and old heads; if you’re one of the latter, you will be able to help those new faces learn and develop.


  • Find out the challenges affecting the industry and solutions to over come them

We all know ticketing doesn’t “just happen”, it’s a mix of technology, timescales, legislation oh and tickets! How do you overcome poor online sales figures or moving technology platforms? Ticketing Professionals will have numerous sessions focused on real world scenarios, dilemmas, but more importantly solutions. Experts will be able to share how to solve some of the industry’s most common issues and possibly how to avoid them in the first place?


  • Check out new developments and products from industry suppliers

As well as other Ticketing Professionals at the conference, there will also be a small and dedicated set of exhibitors showcasing the latest systems, hardware solutions and services to the ticketing industry. You may not be looking for anything new or use services such as theirs, but that doesn’t mean to say you won’t in the future, or perhaps they have a solution to a problem that haunts your operation. The TPC16 exhibitors and sponsors are an integral part of the conference, there to help share, promote and develop Ticketing Professionals.


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